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Discuss deltastock.com

General discussions of a financial company
Any long time FPA members have live account with DeltaStock??
I would highly appreciate some info and feed backs.

Many reviews, but no discussions?

I found that strange, that there are so many good and a few bad reviews for this Broker, but there are no discussions. And also no answer to RahmanSL to his inquiry about some comments.

We would really appreciate some comments from a fellow member here that has a live account with them.
AndreyTR, Russia

I have a live account at Deltastock for 15 months.In general they are OK.Great support,quick deposit and withdrawall(max. 3 days) to Visa/MasterCard without fee! I`ve never had any problem with this broker.I would recommend them.
Not intending to put you down, AnddreyTR, but 1 poster positive comment does not give me very much confidence.

As f-man commented, it's rather strange that there are no discussion here in Deltastock section.

Hmmm, my usd3,000 Demo account, started 0n 10-Nov-2010, has grown to usd27,169.98....and I stii don't know what to make of Deltastock.

Any long time FPA members here have live account with Deltastock?
everything is kind of nice and dandy,
as I mostly don't win money with them

I have experienced issues with their price,
4 times my transactions started with -20 to -30 pips deficit,
away from news,
and I always watch the spread before hitting buy/sell button.
(they said it was the spread, because of news)
(yeah, right)

the most recent issue, I posted it in scam alert folder:

I'm not winning money, so I cannot really say what happens when winning,
but if you lose money, it's an acceptable broker so far.

But their platform is not friendly, even if it appears as such.
They most problematic issue with their platform is that you cannot initiate a market order, with limit/stop prices.
If you want a stop loss for your order, you need to create another transaction altogether.
It's not metatrader style, and I found it dubious again, because it forces you to enter market unprotected.

Anyway, dubious things hovering deltastock area.
I lose my trust in them slowly, especially after this situation explained in scam alert folder,
but if it was my ignorance, maybe I will consider using them for a little while more.
Hello Everyone

Update from broker to all clients:

Dear Clients,

Please be informed that, in accordance with Article 9.1.6. of General Terms of Business for Trading in Financial Instruments of Deltastock:

"9.1.6 The CLIENT accepts and agrees that DELTASTOCK may, at its sole discretion, suspend trading of certain, or add for trading new types of Financial Instruments. That will take effect after a prior electronic or written notice, or such announced through the Website, has been sent to the CLIENT. In case of suspension of trading, DELTASTOCK is entitled to close all existing Positions in such Financial Instruments at the Market Closing Prices for the day of suspension. Updated information on the Financial Instruments offered for trading may be found on the Website."

Effective from 10 October 2014, trading in CFDs based on Australian shares, Hong Kong shares, Canadian shares and Canadian index (CANADA60) will be suspended.

From 09 September 2014 until 10 October 2014 clients will be able to place only closing orders for open positions in the above-mentioned instruments.

In case clients do not close their positions until 9 October 2014, Deltastock will exercise its right in accordance with Article 9.1.6. of the General Terms of Business for Trading in Financial Instruments and close their positions at the market closing prices from the trading session as follows:

CFDs on Canadian shares and Canadian index(CANADA60) – from 09 October 2014;
CFDs on Australian Shares and Hong Kong Shares – from 10 October 2014.

Please, be advised that this is a prior notice in accordance with article 9.1.6. of the General Terms of Business for Trading in Financial Instruments.

Kind regards,

Deltastock Customer Service

Good luck