Do not buy jason fielder products


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Danny's reply can be summarised in 2 words: f*** off.


does not work

I have many forex arb style EA and all are total junk. It is impossible to do and it is well proven by many that arbitrage
in forex does not work as the market is too efficient. It is a total scam and avoid it at all costs


Jason Fielder and Arb

We have been arbitraging Retail FX Brokers for quite some time . Obviously not the way that scumbag Fielder is offering . He knows it and thats why he is scamming people around for hard earned cash . He has no system,nor he ever traded anything but baseball cards in preschool .
There is a way to arb retail,but since we have made some serious money doing it (and we are not the only one obviously) ,many Brokers started to either improving their quoting and execution servers or simply decided not to pay for profits made through Latency arb orders .
We have tried to arb no less than 200 Brokers with REAL accounts . Most of them either never paid, or arb was impossible due to execution delays and MT server plugins aimed against retail clients.But they have been and still are Brokers, where arbitrage is possible and running . I cannot disclose any and i never will ,to keep our cash flow in tact .
Just simply saying. Retail FX arbitrage is possible with much more sofistication taken in to account .
If you want to arb FX Broker in retail, you need to get his quotes before he get them to you . Than you need to wait for major fluctuation in between and execute at the right time. Simple as that ......

BTW...Enjoy your Holidays !!