Dupont FX Review - Stay Away from their Managed A/c (Autotrading A/c). What a load of BS!
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I funded my account with USD5k and received an equivalent amount of bonus. Within about 2 weeks, the account was blown away with a loss of USD9,584.41.
From an analysis of the trades made [as attached], it is clear that the team is at best highly negligent, and at worst, fraudulent! Come on guys, you don’t make monies from your clients with that kind of lot sizes. There were 24 lots buy and 24 lots sell within a minute span, out of a USD10k account! Win or lose, imagine the amount of spreads they just made!

Separately, I have another 2 accounts and have been trying to make withdrawals for the past few days. Somehow, their office does not seem to be working today as my phone calls were answered by a voice message. Online withdrawals from the website are not available and requests are made through emails. I am still waiting for the withdrawal of the funds into my account.


Update on the withdrawal of the other 2 accounts

Separately, I have another 2 accounts and have been trying to make withdrawals a few days ago. The original investment amounts are USD2000 and USD1000 (6 months ago) and bonuses of USD1000 and USD500 were given. The position of the accounts as at 8 May’14 is as follows:-

View attachment Dupont managed acct2 table only.pdf

Deposit / Win Bonus Balance
A/C 1 2000 904 1000 3904
(1000) (1000)
-------- ----- ------ ---------
1000 904 1000 2904
A/C2 1000 443 500 1943
------- ------ ------- -------
2000 1347 1500 4847
===== ==== ===== =====

I have requested to make withdrawals of USD3347 (2000 + 1347) which are my deposit sums and the winnings’ amounts. However, I was informed yesterday that I am not allowed to do so as I have yet to transact the minimum number of lots. What a surprise as it was never made known upfront and even the customer service officer in my conversations with him all along have never mentioned these `so called bonus conditions’. I am protesting on this matter and will be following up with the broker on these rules and am currently waiting for them to work out the `so called’ entitled withdrawal amounts.
My other brokers do not have these conditions and I know a lot of them don’t. Overall, it has been a bad experience. They just want your money. Stay away.

TK,Malaysia 8 May14


Withdrawal problem

I am curious if you managed to withdraw your money. I have account with them and having same issue. I submeet the withdrawal and 15 days ago and so far only promises.