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Discuss ElementalTrader.com (Dustin Pass)

General discussions of a financial company

What do you guys think about their $1,000 course? Is it worth it? It seems most of the content could be learnt online, but the bonuses that attract me are the trade finder (helps with your pattern analysis) and an 8 week mentoring course to hone your skills?

What do you guys think?
harmonic trading

i found harmonic trading a very powerful tool, but too cumbersome to do manually. I have downloaded their free indicator and it is awesome. i am surely willing to invest in this
Harmonic/Ratio Trading

There is no doubt that ratio/harmonic trading is second to none as they are the highest probability trades in forex. I think Elemental Trader has created a product that will take a lot of cash out of the wallet to invest but then I think there is the potential to make profit. The question is how long it will be to make the return on that investment. Of course except you have close to $100,000 in your live trading account, then you will make it back real quick.

I say this because, the holy grail in forex is risk management/position sizing and management tied in with a trading plan. This is where many fail and fall.
Consistent successful and profitable trading is only achieved with mechanical habits. The trader must know why they are taking a decision in the market. A trade finder is good. Elemental trader is a very good concept I think. I just think it is a bit on the expensive side. The upsell being the trade finder. This will be a valuable tool for a trader who really understand ratio harmonics and confluence trading. If a trader recognises confluence then they know why the signal came up in the first place and the reversal zone. I wish I could afford it. I am worried though about how long one can rely on the trade finds. The key thing is being able to recognise the find and act according to your trading plan. Most traders fail because they have no trading plan. Good luck to anyone who gets this one. I hope to hear more on here.
Harmonic Patterns EAs

Use the following link to download what you will need to have harmonic patterns appear on your chart...for free. I've compared several of the patterns found here to what you will get with Elemental Trader and they are same...for free. Have not been able to find anything comparable to Trade Finder, so you will still be tied to the puter. Maybe makes a case for trading only longer time frames.

Forex Trading Guide - Getting Started
A Mighty "Thank You"

Words fail me to show how grateful I am for the free link to downloading the harmonic pattern recognition software. I thank you so much because it saves me a lot of cash I don't have and that I would have squandered away to Dustin Pass and the Elemental Trader crew. No disrespect to them though. I'd rather a tool like this one to find out the pattern and I can then filter through my rules of engagement. I believe that would, by far make me a better trader.

I only trade harmonics and ratio and will not be looking back.
Pattern Recognition Software

I too looked into the $2000 deal offered by Elemental Trader, searched online and found the free identical software mentioned above. It sure seems to do the exact same thing as Elemental Trader, have been comparing them for a week, until today when my copy from the Elemental Trader crew expired! Whatever, guess I don't need it. The freeware version identifies the same patterns, a little bit more aggressive and the patterns don't stick around as long on the screen as the ET version. If anyone finds the equivalent of tradefinder for free or at least a better deal, post it here. Mik
Do some research before you buy products...

The elemental trader indicator is the same as ZUP indicator. Do a google search for ZUP 92.

As for the trade finder service, it is a total rip off also. Just download the ZUP 92 indicator and setup mt4 to forward alerts to your email/sms. Or if you know programing, just download the elemental trader indicator and modify it to send you emails (this indicator is free, since they did not write the code, NEN and his group wrote the code and that is why they do not charge for the indicator)

The only thing you are paying for in elemental trader is the trading system.

But they should at least give credit to the people who wrote the code...
I see Dustin Pass is trying to sell this software again, has he spent all the money from the last wave of sales I wonder? LOL. I almost bought into this myself the last time but was lucky to do some searching and found the zup 64/84 indicator for free on the net. I see you guys have an updated version to zup 92 now.

Even better still if I may suggest, to login to Sive Morton Forex Military School , chapter 17 and learn to draw and find these patterns yourself, much better than waiting for software to show you reversal points, with education you will be able to see potential reversal areas and trade toward them and then reverse trades when you get there. Thank you Sive and FPA for this free education!!
Hello "Demolikesprofit" and all other contributors to this thread.

Greetings and a huge heartfelt thanks to all, for taking the time and sharing your experiences.
we all seem to be in the same boat, I too have the bug for learning more about the Harmonic Trading, I know the free software ( ZUPIs magic!) But,is only half of the battle, I have been told that you need to learn how to use them, so you can sift through all the alerts,and pick the most profitable ones! For that reason I have been thinking of finding someone to teach me the Strategies and other aspects of Trading Harmonically. and so far my best find has been one month enrolment with "Harmonictrading.com'' for $145, that is to learn all I need to learn in a month, and Buying the two Harmonic books by Scott Carney. That should save me $1000s, and I'll stay independent, not needing any expensive monthly subscription for trade finders.
What do you think?