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Discuss EverFX365.com

General discussions of a financial company
To Representatives and Sirs of the Department of Justice of the United States of America

I am from Brazil and resident in Brazil, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors when writing this message.

I hereby report facts of fraud on the Internet, of which I was a victim, and request guidance on possible blocking and possible investigation of fraudsters to prevent new fraud and, if possible, seek how I can search for the financial damage that I suffered.

It all started through a Twitter profile (profile: @Coco777666) that I received automatically and, as I am interested in cryptocurrencies, I decided to follow.

After some conversation, the person of the profile @Coco777666 informed that she lived in New York and sent me her cell phone (phone: +1(607)270-5968) and suggested to continue the conversation through WhatsApp and so we did.

After a few days talking by WhatsApp, the person of the @Coco777666 profile reported that in addition to investing in Bitcoin also invested in gold, and as I did not know about the gold market, I asked to tell me something from gold market.

The person started teaching me and then told me to download the app META TRADER 5 and enter the link of the broker EVERGREEN FOREX GLOBAL LIMITED (everfx365.com) to create an account (account number: 1585927) and link that account to META TRADER 5, and so I did.

I made an initial deposit to my account at the broker EVERGREEN FOREX, on Jan 19, 2022, in the amount of 3062.81 USDT and started the trades guided by the profile @Coco777666 with positive results.

In view of the results, I decided to make new deposits in EVERGREEN FOREX up to a total of 13652.62 USDT, with this amount I started to make trades by myself.

On Feb 10, 2022, I made 2 withdrawals: 1000 USDT to my CYPTO.COM wallet and 500 USDT to my Binance wallet, and those 2 withdrawals have been completed. I decided to do one more withdrawall in amount of 19000 USDT that was not completed, and I have my account frozen for news withdrawals.

On Feb 17, 2022, I requested EVERGREEN FOREX CUSTOMER SERVICE to transfer to my cryptocurrency wallet the total profit calculated (764796.00 USDT) up to that date.

EVERGREEN FOREX CUSTOMER SERVICE requested a cell phone to contact and after a few minutes I received a new contact (@Sunshine_2008) through TELEGRAM, presenting itself as VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE FROM META TRADER 5 asking me to confirm the 1585927 number of my EVERGREEN FOREX account.

After I confirmed my account number the VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE informed that I should pay 19.8% tax, 148840 USDT, on the net profit calculated (751718 USDT), through deposit at EVERGREEN FOREX within 10 business days, and after completing the entire deposit I would receive 764796 USDT within 24 hours. As I am a tax resident in Brazil, I was surprised to collect the tax, but I understood that it would be usual to collect tax at the origin of the profit and then make tax compensation in Brazil.

I agreed and I paid the total tax, but I didn’t receive my money in 24 hours, this was the first lie of VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE occurred.

When I informed the VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE of the total payment of the tax, I received a new charge, VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE returned and informed that the finance department determined a fee payment of 3.5% (26768 USDT), for the channel, on the amount to be transferred informing that after payment of the fee I would have the money released in 2 hours.

I paid the fee; I didn’t receive my money! And now the VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE asks to deposit 5000 USDT on custody under the word of releasing my money within 10 minutes of proving this payment. Once again new lie from VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE.

I refused to pay, after 2 times the VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE had lied about the release of my money and I no longer have security and confidence in what she told me, and I asked to VIP CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE SERVICE to release my money that immediately I would make the payment requested.

Today I have not received my money and have my EVERGREEN FOREX account blocked and without access.

When I started to understand that I was involved in a scam I blocked on WhatsApp the phone +1(607)270-5968 from the Twitter profile @Coco777666.

The EVERGREEN FOREX website has the following information at the end of the page: "Supervised by NFA, NFA ID: 0545141".

To confirm the veracity of the information by EVERGREEN FOREX website page, I sent an inquiry to NFA and received a response:

My query to NFA:

“I am having some problems with the broker EVERGREEN FOREX GLOBAL LIMITED -registered with the NFA under ID 0545141, and I would like to know if the company is indeed registered with the NFA and is in order with the legal regulators.
Apply a screenshot from the folder of Evergreen.

Best Regards,
Ricardo de Mattos Coelho da Silva”

The answer I received from NFA:

"Dear Ricardo de Mattos Coelho da Silva:

Thank you for your inquiry. NFA's BASIC System [BASIC | NFA (futures.org)] indicates that Evergreen Forex Global Limited ("EFGL") is an Exempt Commodity Pool Operator and Exempt Commodity Trading Advisor and is not an NFA Member. Please note that all exempt firms have NFA ID numbers for tracking purposes only. The exempt status means that EFGL claims its operations are such that it is not required to register with the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Because EFGL is not an NFA Member, NFA does not regulate or otherwise supervise EFGL in any way.

Any statements made to the contrary are inaccurate. NFA recommends that you verify claims of regulation by other agencies by contacting those agencies directly.

If you believe you have been misled or suffered a financial loss, you should consider contacting your local authorities or financial regulator

At the address below I found some information about EVERGREEN FOREX GLOBAL LIMITED.


“General Information



Private limited with Share Capital

- No SIC description available

09/12/2021 (3 months old)





You are not receiving notifications about this company.

Parte superior do formulário
Track updates

Parte inferior do formulário
This company does not have any previous names.




41 Devonshire Street
W1G 7AJ”

Based on the information above and my report, I claim your help to inform if it’s possible to access any justice and fraud agency, to prevent further fraud by those involved here informed, and how can I try to recover my money held by EVERGREEN FOREX GLOBAL LIMITED.

I have screenshotted all recorded conversations and contacts with @Coco777666 profile on Twitter and with @Sunshine_2008 at TELEGRAM to prove what I described above now, and I am available for further clarification if necessary.

I have also screenshotted all my transfers from my Brazil account to deposits in EVERGREEN FOREX, screenshotted the existing balance in my EVERGREEN FOREX account and screenshotted of all the results obtained in the trades I did in META TRADER 5.

Best Regards,