FOREX PRO Weekly January 23-27, 2012


Private, 1st Class

Sive U have been very wonderful with ur daily analysis. I say thank U.
first thank God for depositing the idea of FPA in Felix and those that also encourage and give their support.
I deeply appreciate ur Military course it is comprehensive and explicit enough (all the topics).
If u dont mind Sive I intend to convert all ur military into PDF and paste in ur update as soon as u finish the lesson but I will delete all advert and reserve all ur words.
if u do not agree with this idea no problem.
Pls can u explain to me sto grabber? thanks
hi ochills,
I consumed all the advertisement on this site :)
so now I am ready to get a summary of the course in a pdf-file, if you would share it with us?
cu, Erich


Hello Sive, just wanted to thank you for your regular analysis. I have learned so much about a number of things but in particular have a far greater understanding of Fib levels now. Other things I knew about but didn't really understand have also fallen into place. Your delivery and consistency in the method and presentation of delivery is great and is easy to understand. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the "why" of certain points you make. It's one thing to tell someone "this is how it is" and is a completely different thing to tell someone "this is why this is how it is". Oh, and I also love the intro, a little Bob Marley :). Thanks again, Lulu.