Laura Carson

Forex Explained

under the same Mark Power Financial licence of APPLE INVESTMENT there are also 2 other authorized representatives: "FOREX EXPLAINED" and "GOT MONEY FX" which seems to be relatively new to the scene. One of my collegue student asked some more info about insurance policy, level of liquidity of the company, some referral from other students or clients already operating a live account instead of the demo to have a better idea about it, but the broker (Dave Orth) refused to give any info due to privacy??? well I can understand there may be some sort of privacy involved, however my understanding is that the ASIC has set some standards in relation to Financial services regarding documents and financial service guide that the brokers are expected to meet. As some of his replies were a bit vague and not "clear", some of the students has decided to suspend the payment plan of the course (as we attended a 2 day seminar on how to trade forex) until clear documents and info are provided but the broker reply was basically that because they are not paying he won't be able to answer their questions!

I'm a bit confused as it sounds a bit strange to me.. I can understand that as we attended the course they expect to be paid for the classes, but I thought that anyone advising or selling a financial product should provide key documents about their services, advice and products, but I wasn't able to find these on their website either.

On the "GOT MONEY FX" website it's written that "Got money FX is a memeber of the Got Money group of companies", does anyone know this group?

Does anyone has some suggestions please?
Thank you