Jarora Representative

The vendor has no real account on the site. This means that he wants to risk yours money.


very reliable so far

I have used this ea for about a month now, on my real money account, with a balance of now 2500, it has been making approximately 100+ a week....and that is on the lowest settings that they suggest. The drawdown has not gone over 200, ( approx 10% ) whenever I have looked at my account; and last week it even managed to get through the CHF re-evaluation massive movement.
The ea had opened a sell on USD/CHF on 2nd Sept @ 0.7736, and even after the Swiss banks announcement,or whatever went on, that saw it rise 1000+ points ( starting on 6th Sept ), because of the way this ea trades,and the 6 pairs it trades , come the end of the week,on the 9th Sept, it closed its current cycle of trades for its regular profit.
Very impressed, and I am tempted to up my risk, but I probably won't, as I think that in a month or so this ea ,even on low risk, will be bringing in enough as it is.
So, yes, I think you'll be ok Jarora !
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