Believed all the hype and bought sensation, ran it for 2 weeks it took 2 trades, 1 winner 1 looser. Questioned whether I actually got the bot in the competition which wasn't answered but was pressured to buy the upgrade for the gbpusd. I got refunded. I am wondering if this is a scam, firstly it costs a heap and you are not told about the upgrade until you have bought. It never showed any potential at all, 2 trades in 2 weeks, that is no where near the action being advertised. I'm wondering if the whole charade is a scam. Was there a competition. There were nearly all the forex marketers involved selling it that I have come across in the last 4 years. Did they actually check it out and make sure it was legit? I even got an email yesterday from 'Steve' who I feel is from fapturbo fame ( another load of -rap) who was telling me it had made 8% that week. He must have gotten the real one, 'cos the 1 I had couldn't even make 0.08%. To the guys that claim they were part of the comp. how about you put up your bots for some members to try. If you are legit they will crush sensation. I've been looking for a bot that works for 4 years now. All I find is garbage. Has anyone actually got 1 that works consistently?
Forex Sensation is not working at all!

I got my Forex Sensation on Oct. 19th but no detail instruction; I made it as ECN live account with 6000 USD on Oct. 29th. Until to now it made 5 trades with overall 472.56 lost ( two trades with 240.24 win and three trades with 712.80 lose). I am very disappointed for the product! It is not like the advertisement at all! Anybody has good results please let me know.


I just made my refund request to ClickBetter prior to my 60 day deadline. Instead I received a response from the with a comment from the vendor telling me to upgrade the EA's. I've made upgrades during my testing and the results were still not good enough for me to ever use on a cash account. I made my refund request again. Did you have this much trouble when you requested your refund?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Beck