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Discussion in 'Forex Software' started by Administrator, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Jul 3, 2012
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    English is not my first language and thus my proficiency of English is limited. In spite of this, I do recommend these tools to those who are intended to earn a living via Forex.

    I am thankful to Peter Thorpe (the owner of ForexTrendMan | A simple principle, Complete Trading System) for his recommendation of these to me - A truly sound advice.

    I purchase the Professional Pack (comprised of 3 software: Forex Calculator / Trade Log / Forex Tester) with US$539.00. Have I regretted? No. I am not. Instead, I think I should have it earlier. Why?
    • The inventor, Mindy and Evelyn, are real forex trader. They truly understand what is relevant to me, as a forex learner.
    • Verify my forex strategy before dump in real money. Here is not teaching us a strategy but how to verify its effectiveness. These tools and its back up service act like my trading partner, teaching me useful stuff (other than a strategy) of being a real trader, teach me what is right and wrong.
    • It saves me much time in trading. One useful staff is ‘RECORDING YOUR TRADE’. With the help of these, I spend much lesser time in journalize my trades and ‘Learn from my mistakes’ become more simplified and effective. (In their article ‘Who is the best forex teacher?’ It is best I look for a trading partner. If I can’t, like most forex traders, I have to at least journalize my trade and be my own teacher).
    • It comes with valuable articles sharing independent view . They are Gold to me.
    • It makes me believe forex success is not a mission impossible. The disaster in this industry is we have too much information about forex. Many are scam. I have friends who have spent years in study forex but end up cursing it because forex kept making him losing money.
    • The tutorials taught in ‘Forex Tester 2’ are more detailed and comprehensive than the original inventor.

    If I knew these last two years, I believe my forex journey would have much easier.

    Thanks Mindy & Evelyn for your hard work.
    Edward Lee

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