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Discuss ForexTradingScalper.com (Joseph Taylor)

General discussions of a financial company
What's up with no StopLoss or TakeProfit settings?

Why are there no S\L and T\P settings in this EA?

And, Why am I having to manually closing the trades out after having been open for days?
Forex Trading Scalper does not take the 5 pip tp why?

Whats wrong with This EA? it does not respond to the 5 pip tp setting.
EA that works

Bars in test 10914
Ticks modelled 3986383
Modelling quality 66.10%
Mismatched charts errors 1
Initial deposit 50000.00
Total net profit 1704.98
Gross profit 2994.00
Gross loss -1289.02
Profit factor 2.32
Expected payoff 8.65
Absolute drawdown 104.10
Maximal drawdown 150.11 (0.29%)
Relative drawdown 0.29% (150.11)
Total trades 197
Short positions (won %) 153 (86.93%)
Long positions (won %) 44 (70.45%)
Profit trades (% of total) 164 (83.25%)
Loss trades (% of total) 33 (16.75%)
profit trade 185.63
loss trade -39.57
profit trade 18.26
loss trade -39.06
consecutive wins (profit in money) 23 (244.40)
consecutive losses (loss in money) 2 (-78.68)
consecutive profit (count of wins) 262.68 (12)
consecutive loss (count of losses) -78.68 (2)
consecutive wins 6
consecutive losses 1


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Very strange both automator pro and this ea both very similar in function are not set up with default TP. Note they are set for 50 pip TP. I set up this ea with 50pip TP on a demo account and of course it was stopped out but this site continues to display profit after profit 50pips no losses?!