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Discuss ForexTwister.com

General discussions of a financial company

i am very disappointed with their service.

I have just bought this EA on the 28/11/2009 and I got discount price to usd77 (normal price usd99). and then once i have paid for it, then there is another link saying that if i really want to get the best result just like what they promised, I need to buy another one that called ADVANCED FOREX TWISTER at a discounted price of USD77 (normal price is usd99) so i decided to just try that advanced system too..

once i click the confirmation tab, its done.

then i got 2 emails from CLICKBANK shows that my purchase status has been cleared.


I HAVE SENT 3 EMAILS TO info@forextwister.com but until today, there is no reply for my 1st email to them!! :mad:

they claim that they will reply within 48 hours but still nothing...

Please be careful everyone!!!
is this a scam?


I also bought the basic and the advanced forex EA but the links are dead. No downloads too...could anyone help?

For "Victims" already purchased, twister is a ClickBank product and you can use your ClickBank email to link to their Customer Service and get your refund. ClickBank is very good in this. Do a refund if Twister do not reply you within 24 hours or do it now if you feel you have been waiting longer than enough! Please let us know how you end the case, many thanks!

Guy from Forex Enforcer emailed me ads for Forex Twister so I went there for a look. After reading some sales statements (looks familiar BS) I try to close the page and I was offered to download a free system just by input email address. I receive nothing but I now have emails "directly" from Forex Twister selling the product.

So I advice all fellow soldiers here not even input your email address!

Thanks for all your info here - I will not buy it!
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I have just sent my refund request to clickbank.

Hopefully they can refund me back

Just wasting my time!!!!


I finally managed to get my copy of ForexTwister, theres a download link on the receipt. However, neither the basic or the advanced works like they claim, and the basic version doesnt even have a money managment feature.

The backtests I ran were a joke, both systems make money and give it right back. Thats what happens when you run a huge risk to reward ratio and take frequent losses.

Anouther day, anouther refund.... I should know better than to waste my time

Hi folks,

I also send out my request for refunds about a few days ago. Now I received an email that says you could get HALF the price for forex twister at 47 bucks. Totally ridiculous...sounds like some snake oil peddlers..

Please beware!

i have received my refund from clickbank today for this useless EA..:)

again please beware.... DON'T BUY FOREX TWISTER!!