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Yes we would also agree if we were a Signal Services Provider we would absolutely show live account results for that type of service.
As we stated in our earlier post we are NOT a Signal Service Provider.

We are an Education Services Provider that provides a system, group daily coaching and a membership community. We care about
people in general and it motivates and inspires us to be able to personally empower people and teach people to become self-sufficient
forex traders and NOT reliant on anyone else in the end.

We have fun being a part of community each day and a side benefit, we all get to become friends. Plus, trading can become lonely at
times and it’s a nice benefit for ourselves and everyone else to be around like minded people headed on the same path.

What we have found is that our members care if we are able to properly communicate the MACD 3 Rules to them so they are able to
trade well. We are happy we are able to show proof of how our members like what is going on, because that is indeed proof that we
were able to help them to excel. Then a person says to themselves “Well if they can do it, I should be able to as well.”

If a person listens to all 17 minutes of the Jeffrey Shears (currently a member for almost 2 years)
interview he tells a potential new member exactly what he thinks. When you hear the passion in
his voice especially, it’s as real as it gets and it’s why we do what we do.

As another example Steve E came to our Free Training Webinar on Wednesday night 9/05/2012 that we presented for FPA members.
He signed up that night and only got through 25% of the MACD 3 System Video course and then he came to Thursday’s

US Session Live Trading Webinar and entered into his first trade with us Eur/Jpy buy and he took first profits at 12 pips.
Then it broke even on the rest. Following the MACD 3 Trade Management plan.

Then later that day we wrote the Daily Email Trading Plan which he followed and in Fridays webinar he reported back to
us that he took a Eur/Usd buy Re-alignment Trade which uses a 20 pip stop loss plus the spread and he was able to close
out for 67 pips after taking 1/3 profit after 12 pips while moving stop loss to break-even for the rest.

That is a little over 3 to 1 reward to risk on his 2nd day as a member.

This is a direct quote he gave us Friday 9/07/2012 in the Live Trading Webinar
“I used the re-alignment arrows to capture about 67 pips in the Eur yesterday…worked very well.

This is our final comment on this matter as we are sure we all have more important things to do with our time.
We wish you well on your chosen path. 

Do you really call this an evidence of performance?
This is even more meaningless than your PDF.
Please get a life. People lose serious money here.
I am surprised that FPA lets you insult itelligence of its members like this.

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I don't know anything about this company or the the education/trading system they are offering. It sounds promising, but all I have seen so far are the testimonials.

Some of these people have apparently been using the system for a year or two -- so it's been around awhile. I'm hoping some people here on FPA have used it and can comment on it. If anyone has, please let us know your results, good or bad.

In the testimonial ( YouTube
) around min 11:00 to 12:00 with Jeffrey Shear, one of the interviewers is talking to Shear who is talking about his success rate. Shear states that it is "probably in the high eighties." The interviewer responds that "the feedback we've been getting is everywhere from 75% from everybody who is doing it somewhat right, up to 90%, so you're falling right in line there, so that's awesome... "

That sounds sounds like an exceptionally high win rate to me. Very, very good.

I don't have time to daytrade. I would like to know if this system offers enough setups on a D1 timeframe to be worthwhile.

Thank you.
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I'm going to sign up for the service today. I don't see anything that raises red flags so far.

I've listened to some of their testimonials and read what they have on their site. That's all I have to go on. I'll try to evaluate it as fairly and thoroughly as possible in the 30 day refund period. If I see something that I can't live with, I'll cancel. If it seems to have potential, then I'll stay in. Either way, I'll try to report back here with my results.
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