FX market is not balanced before the end of the day


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It's interesting to see AUD / NZD / JPY stay at the strongest side, at the same time. I think the whole FX market is not balanced before the end of the day. There must be some decent move this afternoon.
London time afternoon, 4:33 pm. It's more balanced now. JPY, USD, CHF in the group on the strongest side. Risk currencies stay at the other end. EUR, GBP in the middle. Day job is done.
US Bond Rates and Yield Curve falling quickly in the past 30 days. The whole bonds market was influenced by it. High commodity prices and low yield rates, won't be both right.
2021.07.07 Yield.png
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EURUSD should have touched the highest point for today now. 81 pips from lowest to highest. Marching on tomorrow!
Nothing exciting today, the rebounce of commodity currency and stock indices continued this morning.
US Bonds Yields has pulled back above the middle of 5 days movement. I look forward to having more risk trades next week.
The dollar is a bit strong in the early session, but not so strong to continue it's strike. See what will happen this afternoon. I expect US dollar to slide.