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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Administrator, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Nov 25, 2011
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    Mahmood Riaz:A Madoff Arabic?

    Mahmood Riaz:a Madoff Arabic?

    A Madoff Arabic for 400 italian customers:
    International scam, total silence

    I would like to highlight a new development whose publication could be
    interesting and useful to both you and your readers as well as to us Italian
    citizens who are living under serious stress.
    I am writing because of a problem that is affecting a group of co-nationals
    (around 400 Italians) who, since March 2011 have been the object of
    a fraud committed by a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, presumably a
    resident of DUBAI, a certain MAHMOOD RIAZ, the managing director
    of a company named GTL , specialised in trading currency and
    whose legal offices are in Office no. 121, The Galleria Hyatt Regency, Dubai
    Plot n. 111-103, Floor no. 1. Mr Riaz is wrongfully holding the sum
    equivalent to 26 million Euros, the property of the above-mentioned Italians,
    who paid in, each on his own and at differing times; these sums were to be
    by the intermediary company named Gforex, whose legal office is in Milan,
    and subsequently transferred to the GTL trading company above,
    inasmuch as it had been selected by Gforex as its broker.
    The Italian Gforex company, the only one having this name, has sued
    GTL, filing the suit about 5-6 months ago to local juridical authorities, who
    seem to have enjoined Mahmood Riaz to speak for himself.
    Gforex has made use of the professional competence of a well known legal
    office in Dubai
    (AL MAARIF).
    Today, 18/11/2011, we have learned that MAHMOOD RIAZ HAJI BARKAT
    ALI (this should be
    his full name) has not presented himself to the authorities.
    I would like to clarify that Gforex, in the name of its general manager, Dr.
    Claudio Di Fonzo,
    has lodged a complaint for the same reasons with the Public Prosecutor’s
    Office in Milan, and that Gforex
    itself is considered to be formally in liquidation.
    Our consulate in Dubai, where I and another Italian citizen went,
    ascertained that on 17/10/2011, with reference to what we reported,
    the Tribunal of Dubai was charged with the case NUMBER 1567
    in which the legal team of the Al Maarif studio was consultant to the
    Officially, the case opened on 18 September 2011 and ended the
    consultation stage on the 28th of the same month.
    This is an extreme summary of the content of our story, to which we must
    add the enormous difficulties connected to the logistical problems of language
    and distance
    that add to the difficulty of finding useful, precise and
    detailed news about the above-mentioned facts, almost
    insurmountable circumstances for us residents in Italy, in virtue of a murky
    that involves the two companies in question (GTL and Gforex).
    Lastly, with reference to most of us who have invested in GTL, this represents
    life savings and thus the epitome of our sacrifices.
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