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Discuss Hectortrader.com (Hector)

General discussions of a financial company
Where is Hector Gone?

I first came across Hector's training program via his website Learn Forex Live - Powerful Forex Strategies. It looked really good, and I put it on the back-burner for about a month at which time I was going to join. When the time came, I went back to learnforexlive.com only to discover that it's gone! I mean, it's still there, but it's not the training course anymore, just some squeeze page!

Eventually, I found his website hectortrader.com and the course he's offering from there, but now I was worried. I mean, is this guy a "fly-by-night" and dumps and restarts elsewhere whenever he meets with trouble or something? So I tried contacting him, three times actually, after eventually finding 3 different email addresses! I was hoping that he would put my concerns at rest, reassuring me that there was some perfectly good reason for just dropping learnforexlive.com altogether and focusing on this other program, which seems similar, but not a membership-style site (with a forum etc) which I would've preferred.

But, no answer. Not to one of them, and not from any email address I could find for him! Part of his course is the fact that he states that he's easily contactable at any time to assist his clients with any trades / questions etc.

Furthermore, his blog hasn't been updated since May 12, where ironically he refers to having moved to learnforexlive.com, which as I said earlier, appears to be "dead."

Well, now I seriously have major doubts! Hector, if you are out there somewhere, WHERE ARE YOU and can you put these concerns at rest, since I'm sure I'm not the only one?
Refund scam?

Really disappointed with this Hector trader course. Firstly, I emailed him before purchasing the course if he himself still trades and if I would be able to get prompt support. He replied in about 2 days and claimed that he indeed still does. Thus, I decided to purchase the course.

However, the course seemed good but it was really unrealistic. So, I emailed some queries I had to him. Then he took about a week to answer each question, but I was always some very generic response and didn't get to the point. Being frustrated with such slow and useless responses, I decided to ask for a refund (as his site claimed 100% 60-day money back guarantee and no questions asked).

Then, he totally does not even reply to my emails now (over a month) and even blocked the access code which I had purchased for the site. In short, questionable course, very shady support and no possible refund claimed!

People BEWARE!!
If you are still within 60 days, go to Clickbank and follow their procedures for getting a refund.
If you are still within 60 days, go to Clickbank and follow their procedures for getting a refund.

Wow, no wonder he didn't reply my email when it was approaching the date. Bought it on 9 May 2010, kept sending emails 2-3 weeks before the expiration date because I didn't know whats the procedure and there was no reply from Hector. Any other way of getting a refund if after the 60 days?
I emailed Clickbank. Their reply:
"The customer is requesting a refund at this time but we are unable to issue it because the order is outside of the 60-day refund period offered by ClickBank. Any refund issued at this time would need to be authorized by you as the vendor.My best suggestion would be to contact the publisher directly at contact@hectortrader.com to request a refund by alternative methods."

So, sent another email to Hector and hopefully he'll reply but hopes seem dim that he even checks this email anymore...
No reply from Hector

Has anyone bought the course recently? I've just enrolled and I didn't get the access code and he has not replied to my email in 2 days...
Many forex traders to take the weekend off. Send him a few more messages before panicking.

hi all,
is anyone still using hector system to trade if yes pls share experience