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Discuss IG.com (was Igmarkets.com)

General discussions of a financial company
Hi guys,

Just a quick note to alert people of the withdrawal issue I am having with IG.

I recently closed all trades and made a full withdrawal on 27th April. On 5th May, IG sent me a transaction report saying IG has sent me the funds, telling me to contact my bank instead. It's kind of weird as on the report, the beneficiary account number was not the same as my bank account number that IG has on file. My bank confirmed it did indeed receive the amount but due to an incorrect beneficiary account number, it had returned the funds back to IG.

I did my bit, informing IG about the problem, asking them to ensure the correct beneficiary number will be given to my bank on the re-attempt.

On the second withdrawal, IG informed me very quickly that it was unable to return funds to me. When I asked for a report, IG said there is no report available, I checked with my bank and found out that it did not receive any transfer of that amount. IG deliberately ignore my question of what beneficiary account number that IG sent to (if any)

So definitely an attempt from IG to prevent its clients from withdrawing their own funds

So please think carefully if you are thinking of opening accounts with IG and consider closing your accounts with IG. What is the point of trading if the broker makes it extremely difficult to withdraw funds?

Don't trade with IG
My main issue in leaving IG was the excessive spreads during market open. 80 pips in one case.
Withdrawal issue is the most important for a trader when request withdraw but money not received on account destination, make rating broker goes down,