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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Administrator, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Sep 24, 2007
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  2. dzani9

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    Oct 25, 2012
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    Thank you admin, for opening up this page as a tribute. So you see I was in one of the affiliate and IB broker. I was in malaysia. so I hope that visitors from Malaysia if they have anything questions, problems, or whatever. can contact me directly.

    this is my official website as IB in malaysian


    and facebook iktrustgroup malaysia


    we strive to be the best

  3. moslem.lotfi

    moslem.lotfi Recruit

    Feb 13, 2013
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    Helllo all the person on the here.

    this is Moslem Lotfi with 22 Years Old from iran.

    i had a account with the IK trust broker 5 month ago when i wanted to have withdraw request they said us our server is upgrating and we will accept Your request the first day of the New year. then after the new year i was always next to the my system to there answer after 4 month they brought a new website and a new platform for give new product to the there clients and i was happy to have chance for get my money back.

    (look at there email)

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    We are freezing all withdrawal processing request for affiliates and normal trader accounts for 2012 because of server upgrading process and the closing of our financial year account. Kindly resend your request after the first week of January 2013. We apologies for the delay and we hope to serve your better in future on our updated server.
    Thank you.
    For futher enquiries feel free to email us at support@iktrust.com

    then they sent us an email on that email they wrote on the this time 01/03/2013 we will start to give u Your trading account and we were happy and were ready to give our account.

    then we send all our document they wanted after near 1 month later they gave our trading account with extreamly Problems. then

    i completed a form for have withdraw from my trading account they they say us the F***ing Rule and that Rule wasnt on any broker and for example they have a this rule to have withdraw on this broker.

    (look at there email)

    Dear sir

    We are sadden by the news that you have written to us but strict rules is applied to strengthen our business so we have to adhere to our new policy.
    For further enquiries feel free to email us at support@iktrust.com

    other email then.

    Dear client

    For client that have been transferred to a new platform, we are applying a new set of rules for you to request a withdrawal :

    You have to trade a certain number of lots before we can proceed with your request ;-

    account mini = 50 lot
    account standard = 80 lot
    account premium = 100 lot

    This is compliance with a new management rules on our current trading platform. Thank you for your consideration and supporting IKTrust as your preferred brokerage.
    For further enquiries feel free to email us at support@iktrust.com

    some of the clients got that lots on the 1 week some person lose there account and after that they send us this email :(((((((


    Dear client

    That is for previous account holders. Our current account is :

    account mini = 150 lot
    account standard = 180 lot
    account premium = 200 lot

    Please adhere to our current regulation.
    For further enquiries feel free to email us at support@iktrust.com


    Mr. Richard Powell
    Senior Support Executive
    Customer Support Department
    IK Trust Capital Market Corporation Limited
    New Zealand Company Reg. No. 3851316

    and now we have to get near 200 Lots for get our money back..

    my account was 4379$ on there from the start to know i got near 110 Lot and i lose near 2000$ from my money please node that i'm not a bad trader they do very bad work to me for example 4-5 hour in the day my account is disable and i cant have access to my account and they disable the trade then they changing the stop Level i remmeber i had near 2 Lots sell at gbpusd and my stop level was 180% and the stop Our level for this account was 44% they disabled my account when its come back to enable they close all my postion on the lose and reduce the stop out to 180% and they increase the spread from 2 pips to 8 pips.

    and now i have gbpusd sell and my TP was 1.5344 and the price is 5322 and still my postion is open dont think this is good for me because sometimes they dont close my stop loss and its very bad for me.

    if they didnt do this work to me i will increase my account more than 10.000$ but unfortunately i'm on the bad situation with this broker.

    acourding to the some guy's speaking they said start to contact to the regulation and maybe they fixing the problem i do alot of work on this 5 month look at this email this email send to me from the regulation.

    look at this email:

    Thank you for your email of 21 March 2013.

    We have received a number of complaints about IK Trust Capital Market Corporation Limited.

    Our CEO, Susan Taylor, has requested information from IK Trust. There has been no response from IK Trust. Therefore the decision has been made to terminate their membership with FSCL. Unfortunately, this means our office is unable to assist you with your complaint.

    IK Trust has been deregistered by the Financial Service Providers Register.

    You may wish to seek assistance from the Financial Markets Authority Home | Financial Markets Authority . The Financial Markets Authority regulates New Zealand’s financial markets.

    Yours sincerely

    Rhonda Singleton | Enquiries & Administration Manager

    P: (04) 472 3725
    F: (04) 472 3728
    E: rhondasingleton@fscl.org.nz

    Home :: FSCL - Financial Services Complaints Ltd.

    now from the all person on the this forex peace Army please help us to give our money back we are on the bad situation and we need to Your Help any person from the Newzealand or any person who can help us please tell me below here is all my contact

    my skype is : ahvaz-forex

    my email is: moslem.bourse {@} gmail.com

    my phone number is : +989303553529
: iktrust

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