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Problem JA Wealth - (evidence provided)

I am having an issue with a company

I'm surprised that I could not find any information about JA Wealth on your boards.

JA Wealth is a company run by Joshante AMihyia and operates out of London. The usual tricks are employed - social media streams full of ostentatious rented luxury goods, targeting of the young and naive with outrageous promises of profits, etc.

I have been documenting the scam from its early days and my findings are available on this blog: .jawealthscam.blogspot.com

I have collected about a dozen victim statements, as well as documents that expose multiple instances of lying and misrepresentation.

I am interested in hearing from any other victims, as well as anyone who has experience of tackling/shutting down such operations.

Best wishes,

Hello veniamin.tal

Could you give us (the members/guests) a more detailed account of your issues with this company, it would also be handy to add a link showing the precise company to avoid other companies with similar spelling names being mistaken for, in this case.

Also send them (JA Wealth) a link to this thread and see if someone from the company joins this discussion.

Good luck
Hello Salim Raheem

Yes! same there, but didn't want to add link just in case I was wrong. ;)

Not sure even if it involves "forex" if link is the proper one :confused:

Good luck

Sorry guys, it took a while for my post to be moderated so I missed all the replies.

The company is called JA Wealth - and the website is JA Wealth LTD

I will not copy and paste large tracts from the blog, but I encourage you to have a look, and have posted some of the problems with JA Wealth below, with links to the relevant blog page that provides the evidence.

1. The owner misrepresents his experience as a businessman and a trader. Not only does he claim to be a successful trader, he also claims to have a successful entrepreneurial track record which I have demonstrated is a lie. I have been emailed by several old friends or acquaintances of Joshante, and they tell me he has been a scam artist since he was a teenager. They also say he has a history of credit card fraud.

You can see an early profile of Joshante here: Tre McKenzie, Joshante Amihyia and the JA Wealth Scam: 2. Introducing Joshante Amihiya
You can see some pretty damning evidence of a JA Wealth-related credit card fraud here: Tre McKenzie, Joshante Amihyia and the JA Wealth Scam: 35 Jermaine Berry-Gordon is using stolen credit card details to sell flights/hotel rooms

2. The company has/had social media streams that were full of rented goods passed off as owned goods. Grand promises of "200 pounds a say profits guaranteed" were pasted over social media, along with claims that "all our students make profits". One typical photo purported to show the "penthouse apartment" that a JA Wealth student has bought after just a few months of trading - and EXACTLY the same photo had been used several months earlier purporting to show Joshante's own day out "apartment hunting"!

A post outlining these allegations with accompanying screen shots (as well as other allegations/evidence) acan be found here: Tre McKenzie, Joshante Amihyia and the JA Wealth Scam: 34. New law that comes into effect tomorrow gives a hope of a full refund for JA Wealth customers!

3. JA Wealth used "testimonies" from their friends in order to sell their course. You can see one example exposed here: Tre McKenzie, Joshante Amihyia and the JA Wealth Scam: 7. Exposing JA Wealth's fake testimonials

4. I have collected about a dozen victim statements which are collected together here - this was not easy to do as there ais a lot of fear amongst the vixtims owing to connections the directors of JA Wealth boast about: http://jawealthscam.blogspot.co.uk/p/victim-statments-ollected-together.html

5. Finally, the owner of JA Wealth has been managing investments illegally - I appreciate that this is outside the usual scope of this forum, but you can read about it here if interested: http://jawealthscam.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/joshante-amihyia-illegally-managing.html

I will post the links to two Youtube videos that will demonstrate to anyone with a basic knowledge of FX trading that JA Wealth are a scam. The first is an interview they gave on a Luton based youth radio station (selling the course to kids), and the second is some of the same footage spliced into a "Joshante speaks out against the haters" video that exposes his ongoing campaign of lies.



I hope this provides a limited but convincing outline of the fraudulent activity being carried out by JA Wealth.
It's been 9 year since post was created but is seems Joshante Amihyia is back to the same old scams under a new name.

I came a across a sponsored Instagram ad for greyarkcapital and it appears to be a "Forex education" firm in Canary Wharf. Doing my do diligence of course led me to search the firm on Companies House, plus I ended up finding a Evening Standard article about him.

Theses scammer types are so easy to find out theses day's with their flashy Instagram pages.