Looking for currency pairs corelation meter


I am trying to find a currency pairs correlation meter.
Please let me know if one like that exists and where can I find it.
This meter should measure how close 2 currency pairs are correlated over a period of time. (how closely they move parallel in the same direction or even opposite direction.
And also it would be good if this meter could measure and consider range of movement of each currency pair to compare them together because some currencies have larger range movement than others.
This meter should measure common correlation, direction and also try to match close movement range.
If I was good with programming I would develop one like that. It would be very hand for traders that make trades based on correlation. Unfortunately I am not good with programming.
So, anyone knows that one like that exists please let me know. Or maybe someone can develop one?
I will pay because it will be worth it.
All the best to all currency traders.
Waiting for replies.
The easiest way go to Forexticket Mataf and there you have all the correlations you wish and much more.
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