Market Maker


A brokerage that does not automatically clear all trades through the interbank market. Sometimes, this is just more polite term for Bucket Shop. Other times, the broker will eventually link trades to the true market.

See Bucket Shop for more details.
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A more polite term for Bucket Shop.

See Bucket Shop for more details.

Think you might be treading on some toes there old chap.
MMs do actually make the trades. Yes they also fix the opening prices and in the stockmarket they manage to make prices go the wrong way. but without them there would be no stockmarket. (And the market for striped braces would collapse)

(A note of explanation here for US readers braces are what go over your shoulders and hold your trousers up. Oh, and trousers I believe are called pants in the US, whereas pants in the UK are underpants in the US.
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