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Discuss MRTFX.com

General discussions of a financial company
I too have begun a private test of MRTFX last week, on a license granted me by the author for evaluation.
This shall be test #120 in my series of tests, over the past 3 years.
I will post comments and a review, once I have some experience with it.
This author is from India and had a previous offering which had some serious coding issues; it was known as MLPS EA and was withdrawn.
So far, I can report this latest model is operational and profitable in very early demo testing.
It trades baskets on the AUDUSD M5 only.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164
Any updates...?

Did you also manage to test BBMAX, by same vendor (but different website)..?

There are some claims on the internet that this EA (MRTFX) is an arbitrage EA, can you comment?

Thanks. :)