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New Scam Russ Horn promoted by Megadroid

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by athenafx, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. athenafx

    athenafx AthenaFx Representative

    Jan 30, 2011
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    Megadroid as well as Fapturbo are pomoting many scams every week.

    My input box is full of this crap.

    The latest crap is presented by a kind of actor called Russ Horn.

    Every people with a brain should give up after visiting the web site.

    Take a look for yourself. Always the same silly sites with nothing more than copied methods or indicators you can download for free and sometimes more (I mean EAs that will blow your account so fast)


    All those guys are not traders (not even good marketers)

    Their videos are really stupid. How could they find employees to support this crap?

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  2. athenafx

    athenafx AthenaFx Representative

    Jan 30, 2011
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    The answer from megadroid, you will love it

    The answer from megadroid.

    short : they are responsible for their product and are allowed (by themselves) to promote any crap (clickbank or plimus)

    ""Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

    This is only the promotion. We give people a chance to get something new, if you do not want to trade with this system, you do not need to do it.
    Hope for your understanding, as we are responsible only for our products.

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your question(s). If not, please DO NOT send another email. Instead, reply to this email or log in to the support ticket system for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.


    Support Team""
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  3. athenafx

    athenafx AthenaFx Representative

    Jan 30, 2011
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    May be you would like to read the original crap

    May be you would like to read the original crap

    "As a result, many, many traders were left disappointed by the fact that
    they were unable to get their hands on one of the greatest forex products
    ever developed!

    In fact, we received so much correspondence from Megadroid
    subscribers, we knew we had to do something to remedy the situation.

    This was in large part due to the fact that our Bonus "Master Trader"
    software was such a hit…AND…because the software was ONLY
    available to those people who managed to get a copy of the "Forex
    Master Method.


    Surprise, surprise! We've managed to get Russ to have 60 more copies
    produced just for Forex Megadroid subscribers!

    Here's where you can learn EVERYTHING about the Forex Master

    Forex Master Method

    What're you're going to find on that page?

    - The Candlestick recognition software
    - The Line Trader software
    - The INFOcator software
    - The Master Method Review
    - The Whole Truth Video


    Tons of LIVE trade videos!

    Forex Master Method

    That's not the end of the story though…

    …as soon as we heard Russ was busy developing what would soon
    become his flagship trading package…we set to work on creating
    something that would turn his flagship into a MOTHERSHIP!

    Our exclusive BONUS…the "Master Trader" software is the killer app
    that skyrockets the effectiveness of the Forex Master Method…


    …is the only software attachment that has been personally approved by
    Russ himself.

    You can see it here and watch a video demonstration:

    Forex Megadroid

    There you go ladies and gentleman…we promised we'd give you another
    shot at getting your hands on the Forex Master Method and the
    Megadroid team ALWAYS delivers!

    Get it right here:

    Forex Master Method

    A word of caution - the first run that they did with this saw 750 copies
    disappear in 2 days…

    We only managed to get 60 copies this time, and as we mentioned, this
    is a Megadroid exclusive…


    …that doesn't mean that you can let this slip past you this time because
    we doubt Russ is going to do all this for us again.

    Go get it!

    All the best,

    The MD Team

    P.S. One more time, here's where you can see the Forex Master Method

    Forex Master Method

    P.P.S. You can see our Master Trader Bonus Software here:

  4. b4ndid4o

    b4ndid4o Recruit

    Sep 5, 2011
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    Hello AthenaFX!

    I visited the site that you spoke (Forex Master Method) and found some interesting ****. I liked the indicator described as "play Candlestick recognition."
    Where can I find more indicators free for download?
    Thank you for your information about the site!
    My English is very bad, sorry about that!;)
  5. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    It's sad. All these companies actively cross-promote each other and don't care if the other products are good or bad. All they want is the affiliate commissions.
  6. forex79

    forex79 Recruit

    Feb 5, 2012
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    Regarding FMM & Russ Horn

    I'm happy to chime in and let you know first hand, that FMM and Russ Horn are not a scam. I bought FMM when it first came out, and have been using what i have learned there ever since. I get that it's difficult to know what is good out there and what is crap, things being mostly crap. But you just have to keep trying til you connect with the right forex teacher who is offering a complete trading course/method that can be learned and implemented by anyone, provided they go through the learning curve, and take the necessary steps towards becoming a successful trader. There are no short-cuts, and FMM provides a comprehensive trading course that happens to be the best one i've come across. I am not here to promote FMM, i'm not selling anything, nothing, just have to respond to post, because i know for a fact that what you are saying is completely false.

    For all us wanna be traders, there is no brick and mortar school to attend, we have to slog through countless systems, methods, robots, courses, whatever, on the internet, until we finally find the right thing for us. FMM is a great course, but i'm sure there are others out there, too. I understand feeling pissed and discouraged. Don' t give up, you will find what you are looking for, that is, if you are truly willing to learn forex trading from the ground up, i don't believe you can find some quickie system to 'follow' and get rich quick. Doesn't exist.
  7. RahmanSL

    RahmanSL Major

    Jan 16, 2010
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    When I read "..learn forex trading from the ground up..", I get a bit...well...excited. Not with "excitement", but more towards being agitated as wanna-be traders are bombarded with "holy grail-sure to profit" systems from all over the forex world. I get at least a dozen of them a day in my e-mail.

    Technical analysis will tell you to keep a watch out for so-and-so lines & levels before going in short or long....as though it's a mathematical solution that when it hits a certain level, this or that will happen. Granted, that on normal world economic times, these rules can be followed, but these are not normal economic times and so many factors are constantly being added into the equation of equilibrium. A simple single decisions by some bankers (who most probably have vested interest in making the decision) becomes the monkey wrench to an otherwise predictable currency....as had happen to the Euro back last Oct 2011.

    At face value, the Euro should be valued less against major currencies, but some people are propping that up with sticks and stones to prevent a complete collapse of the Euro which in turn will have an adverse effect on the world economy due to so many countries dependence on the EZ as a trading partner.
    I don't think many people trust all those "good" economic news coming out of the USA in an election year. As a senior economist has written, the employment rate is reported up because they are hiring more pimps, prostitutes, and drug pushers. Nonetheless, the USA fares better than the EZ and the USD is still very much preferred over other major currencies for trades and safe haven.

    So, with just these simple example, how does one factor these into a technical analysis, let alone into an EA/robot???

    To all Newbie wanna-be traders, pay more attention to the economic happenings on the currencies pair you want to trade, and an eye & ear opened for potential wars & natural occurrences that might affect these currencies pair.
    If you carry out day trading, sturdy and constantly update yourself on all trading charts for any changes in potential movement patterns.

    As a good example, the AUD is good for "short" trade since last week as it was way up there especially against the USD. The Aussie economy is strong with high interest rate, but it is a highly export oriented economy and a strong currency will dampen their exports. So it it expected that the rate will be cut by at least 0.25% and this in turn will weaken their currency somewhat. As I write this, the AUD/USD has gone down from last week high of around 1.085 to 0.1072...I have taken some short positions at the 1.076 -1.0781 levels as soon as I heard of the intention to cut the base lending rate by 0.25%.

    Don't buy any robot/EA and sure-to-make-money trading system from anybody. Just do your own analysis and develop your very own trading system & style that you can become comfortable with and become an expert at. Preferably, use a combination of both technical & fundamental in your trades and do not be overly dependent on any single analysis....or worst, become overly dependent on any analyst and signal provider as without them, you will not know what and how to trade.

    Use the money that you have wanted to use for paying for those useless trading system/EA/Robot in a real live trading account and you will learn much much more than you will ever get from these useless over priced market gimmicks which are probably available FREE in the internet.
    Remember that this is the age of the internet where knowledge is just a click away!

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