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My Experience with No 1 Option (not to be mistaken for No1 Options) (BTW - I'm a multi and I spam for No1Option)

I one day decided to finally trade on stocks with the little money I've made working at Auburne, I couldn't decide what stock broker to use, I heard a lot of the big names and got to know their pros and cons, so a friend told me about a broker were he had been able to make recurring investments that were totally secure, I as a realist was completely skeptical about the whole thing about stocks, I always had this doubt, like what if the market just goes down and I lose a whole lot of money, but my friend assured me it was safe, because they help you make the right choices on what stocks would be profitable, so i went ahead and opened an account and it asked me what type of stock I wanted to trade on, so i said let me just go with AMAZON cause like why not, it's one of the best now, and i finally starting, their service has been the best so far, their support has also been helpful as they truly have one of the best support and management team, it's been a year since I started Trading with them, I've been mostly satisfied with their services, will be giving a review of other stock brokers soon.

You really should have taken a moment to think things over. Instead, you not only spammed the FPA's Reviews for No1Option from 2 forums accounts, you also spammed one of the FPA's educational folders. And you did all of this before the FPA could get the review page fully processed. Now your spam will forever be a part of the discussion thread.

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