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Discuss OrionFX.jp/en (was RioEntertainment.biz/en)

General discussions of a financial company
What is their EA - M78 Real?

Looking at their website they only offer an EA called "Betelgeuse". No mention of M78 Real. Maybe they can explain what it is, and what relevance it has here if not on offer? :confused:
no reply

I wrote to the contact given in the website asking details of M78. (same day FPA posted link). No answer whatsoever. Not a good sign.
I Bought it!

I bought it. So far the statement is true. I had few more trades on EURCHF all positive. It seems to be a bit pricey but if it works why not. Support is ok. They are japanese so expect some broken english. I had to request a manual in english as they have sent me a japanese one. I am keeping my eye closely on this one.
HI Guys,

First of all Merry Christmas. ..... I bought yesterday the M78 EURCAD pair for $36 a month. I got the manual in English and I have to say that they force you to go with a specific Forex broker which is Pepperstone. Now I live in Australia and they are based in Sydney, New York and Singapore. When I open the account it was so easy and only because I know how Pepperstone works I decided to buy the M78 with OrionFX. Anyway I set up a VPS and I will update with the result after Christmas... Enjoy the holiday. Thank you
Good day, any further update on this M78? I'm in KL so I was thinking about going through Pepperstone in Singapore. I would appreciate any intel on this.
thanks in advance!
I bought the all currency license for $50/mo which was recently offered.
I had some trouble setting up a different currency than USD/JPY because each currency requires its own .set file which is supplied with the package. I am specifying this because their support is very unclear in English, probably as unclear as I would be in Japanese ;-D
I think the EA only trades during the Tokyo session. Checking over the results you only see trades in the wee hours and mine only traded while I was sleeping here in Europe. It made $134 on the first night on USD/JPY only because I hadn't figured out the issue of the presets. I think the limiting factor is one of the settings that says jpy=true/false. If it's set to true then it will only trade that one currency pair.
Tonight I'm leaving it on with two currencies and I'll keep you posted.
I'd love to figure out how to allow the EA to trade during London->NY as well. It seems a waste.
Anyone know?