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Discuss PipsCloner.com (Tim Grant)

General discussions of a financial company
Heavy marketing to start with,
You could have instead of 1, 3 traders trading for your, you can buy the manual system, you can listen to webinars, you can subscribe to another site etc etc. I think I got more than 7 "please wait, press the Cancel button"
Since it is a clickbank account and money back guarantee I am giving it a try. It is easy to install the software and for the moment I have two pending orders.
Bad Performance!!

Only 4 Trades in 2 days...all 4 Trades are Loser...The last Trade GBPUSD short @ 1,6245 closed @ 1,6242 with a lost only 5 minutes ago. Only 30 Minutes later, these Trade was @ 1,6264...and can make a good win.

Is PipsCloner made for destroying the Accounts of the User?
DOwnloaded last night. I have never put one of these things to work before. My Account gets hit $24 per month if I don't trade so I figured I would give it a try..

Well after 24hrs running. Not a single trade has been taken yet. I used Viktor as my trader. I am kinda lost as to whos trades to take.
If you check the FAQ you will see that Tim is trading more often and you should expect trades on a daily basis. The other two traders are swing traders and therefore will not trade very often.
For now they have about 37 open trades from previous weeks but unfortunately most of them are losing trades and if you add the losses to the balance then the result is not so nice anymore. It looks like they trade with no stop loss and wait for price to recover to close the trades. Some of them are -300 pips. So I do not know if they have enough margin to open more trades and since there are open trades they cannot open new trades for those currencies in the opposite direction.
Good for today

I just installed one week ago an nothing happened but just open positions...Today many of them have been closed with a good profit....
Lets wait next days performance and trial period to have a better overview...
Changing defaults

To those who have the program running.....

Have you tried to and if so been successful at, changing the default parameters? I tried changing the "Trade Lot Multiplier" and the "Risk Percentage" only to have them revert to the defaults. I emailed support about this issue, but have yet to receive a response.