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Warning! This vendor sells the same high risk grid strategy as also in Z-TraderFXEA, WorthyFXTrader, FXMathXTrader, FXSevenPips and GoodRobot.

In this same grid strategy only changed the name of EA, setting parameters, pair and time frame. He's been doing it for years. It has more of the same EAs that have already failed and the pages have been deleted.

The proof of this is the following backtests that all work with the same grid strategy: (Deleted!) (Deleted!) (Deleted!)

In the case of burn account he make a deposit as has already done on account FXSevenPips. This was not the first time.

Screenshot_2020-09-08 FX Blue - premiumfxbot.png


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I did buy this EA a couple of weeks ago and been running it on a demo account, and it seems to be making money. But after watching it for a while now its risky for sure.

Like it will but at the top of a swing high, then market turns around and pulls back 50-70% of that move, then buys again. So there is a little bit of Martingale but then it hedges as well so its kind of confusing. Bottom line is would I trade my live account with this EA, probably not.