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Beware: Rapid Forex is back!


I enrolled into a Millionaire Trader Program by Rapid Forex a couple of years back. I paid USD 4000 for the fees. It was supposed to be a year long program. However it shut down after few months. I didnt even get 5% value from what I paid for. Numerous attempt to contact Robert Borowski and Brian Campbell by email was unsuccessful. I even left a message on Robert's facebook. I was surprised that I got a series of email from Rapid Forex recently. I think they are slowly making a comeback. Its a case of once bitten, twice shy for me. I will never ever get involve with Rapid Forex in any way ever again. I copied one of the email below:

Dear Faidzal,

I didn't realize that I would become an advocate
for people who have fallen for an online forex
trading scam.

It turns out that so many people have been
cheated, I'm willing to bet that you've
probably been ripped off a few times.

I'm going to try to help you get your money
back from these forex scams...

To help you, I need to know who scammed you.

Read this and let me know:
Rapid Forex Scam Watch | Get Your Money Back

If you haven't been scammed yet, read this post to
insure that you don't get scammed!

I'm expecting this to ruffle plenty of feathers.

Let's put pressure on the scammers and make them
clean things up or go out of business.

Your Forex Friend,
Brian Campbell
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Rapid Forex new program

Brian Campbell and Rapid Forex are back online May 2010. Someone needs to watch this situation. rapidforex.com beware.


He's doing a 90 day fx boot camp for free at rapidforex.com but you need to sign up and deposit a minimum of $200 with eToro. He expects you to trade in the account which is only fair if he's teaching some good stuff.

The guy does n't fit the typical profile of a scammer i.e. hide in the shadows and keep changing names/identities although there is quite a few rip off allegations going around. On the face of it, it looks like his other business ventures which may have left one or two stranded involved partners that perhaps have wronged him. I don't see his ex partners back in business online unless they are using aliases. There does n't appear to be any partners involved in this venture, maybe it's his way of wiping the slate clean and compensating those who he allegedly let down before? Obviously he's getting a kick back from eToro but who works for nothing?


Rapid Forex impossible to get a reply

Beware of this person Brian Campbell. I paid him but didn't get anything in return like lessons or trading sessions as he had promised. It turned out he had already finished the course he accepted the fee for. However I tried to contact him, he never replied and kept my money. Tried the email address he gives out, the address you get when you have paid, his blog. NOTHING, no response. Very, very bad service that!!!
I would call this a scam.