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Discuss RichOwl.com

General discussions of a financial company
Obviously grid + martingale which = eventual ruin. Look at the 25+ open trades at -550 pips. Eventually it turns into -5000 pips and wiping your account out. FourX.Me was the same way. If something is different, then the vendor should have the courage and honesty to explain the strategy and any new protections/features he has added. I didn't get a refund on FourX.Me either.
If you look up rich owl at myfxbook, you can see this account. Check out the drawdown tab and see that at one point it was floating like -4500 pips. Think about that before you buy and select your trade size very big. That's pretty risky. You would have to trade very small relative to your account balance to be able to float through -5000 pips. That's how grid+martingale can easily blow an account, when the bottom of the basket drops out. Be careful and be wise.
Think this has blown?

No trades this last week and the floating dd looked pretty bad before they stopped the communication to myfxbook, I'll bet my life it has blown just like fourxme.