I have just been contacted by Nick Volcov of Secured Options to be told that they are not aware of any people that have any withdrawal issues with them. Can people please email him with any problems at nickv@SECUREDOPTIONS.COM

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Have I been scammed?
I've registered Swarm Intelligence and was assigned with Secured Options, made a deposit of $250 and started using the software to trade. It went quite well for the first few days but the system started giving crappy signals and my balance was down to $100+. I then received a call from a account manager from Secured Options that she noticed I wasn't doing well and offered to recover my losses with a deposit of $5000 which is fully insured and she'll assigned a trader to trade on my behalf that will guarantee a fixed monthly profit of $1000+. On the next morning, I saw an increased to the account balance more than what was committed. On the next day, the account manager called again that there's a huge deal going on and if I deposit another $5000, I'll be able to get around $4000 profits on the same day. Without any doubt, I dug out all my credit cards to fund that amount and sure enough I saw an increased of $4000+ in my account. I then requested for a withdrawal which has been pending and no response from the AM. Got a call from another person from finance that I have a bad account and I need to reach a certain turnover in order to make any withdrawal.

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Inside option/Secured option do not place trades. They simply take your money.
Everything they tell you is a lie eg names of traders, location of the company..EVERYTHING. The trading software on their website is a total sham. If you want to get your money back you need to file with a legal group in the country in which the crime has been committed ie Israel. check the Israeli times for suggestions here. The Israeli legals have many runs on the board. They know the individual so called traders (have photos and real names) . I had quite an eye opening experience. I am going to enjoy nailing these guys.