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Discuss TradersUnion.com (IAFT)

General discussions of a financial company

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Dear Forum members!

We would like to dedicate this topic for the discussion of working conditions in the Forex market with different brokers and advantages of trading in the Forex through the IAFT.

IAFT is:
The first official International Association of Forex Traders
Over 60 000 traders
Independent traders forum
The defense of traders’ interests and comprehensive protection of their rights
The best selection of analytics

Rebate of 60% from a part of the spread on each transaction
Substantial insurance fund
Free legal support
Professional technical support
Professional partner program
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Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Dear customers!

Our Union's Affiliate Department has concluded new agreements with the iHForex, YoutradeFX and Alpari (UK) companies. Now, traders who are willing to open an account with these companies can do this following the IAFT's referral links and receive a monthly remuneration in the form of a partial rebated spread.

IHForex company was established in 2009. The main advantages of the company are low spreads, high leverage, absence of margin call and stop out, which allows customers to trade the entire amount, which is on the account's balance. The iHForex company is regulated by the FMRRC.

YoutradeFX is a brokerage and investment company. With the help of trading platforms of the company, investment funds and individual traders can invest money in the CFD on stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. YoutradeFX is regulated by ASIC and FSC. The company offers a daily technical analysis and macroeconomic reports, developed by a group of expert professionals with wide experience in the financial industry.

We have received a large number of applications with your requests to connect the Alpari company to our service. We are glad to inform you, that we have reached the partnership agreement with Alpari (UK). Now, you can link your accounts to our service and receive a part of the spread for every completed transactions you execute.

The Alpari (UK) company is one of the leading brokers in the Forex market . Alpari (UK) is part of the group of Alpari companies, which combines look after over 170000 active trading accounts worldwide. The main advantages are low spreads, high leverage, absence of requotes, the use of trade scalping and advisers.
Alpari (UK) is regulated by the FSA, FRA (Russia), BaFin, is a member of the NSE, MCX-SX, USE.

Information regarding the list of our new partners has been placed in the following sections: "Forex Brokers Overview," "Compare Forex Brokers", "Brokers Profiles", "Help in Choosing the Broker", as well as in the "All Brokers Ratings" section.

Best regards,
IAFT administration
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Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
If you are a newbie and don't know where to start from we'd very happy to help you. We can assist you to choose a broker, provide you with educational materials, guide on how to open an account, give legal advice, updated analytical markets reviews are also available at your disposal, etc.

Tell what we can do for you and we will be more than happy to accomplish that.

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Legal help

Legal and information protection of traders is the main goal of our professional lawyers who are ready to defend your rights at all levels if necessary.

Today, Legal protection is more pressing than ever, as traders are an unprotected category of people working on the foreign exchange market.

Now you can always rely on us in conflict situations. If a broker does not adhere to its obligations, violates a concluded contract, ignores emails or does not answer your calls, you can contact us and we will help you.

Logic of Interaction in submitting a Claim:

1. We register your claim, investigate it, and make an enquiry to the DC referring to the claim.
2. After receiving the reply we perform an in-depth analysis of the situation and if the trader is right, we try to defend his rights in a pre-trial order (by negotiations) and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
3. If we were unable to reach an agreement, we help the trader to initiate the trial and work with him/her until we win the case. In this case IAFT members receive free legal support at all stages of legal proceedings, including representation in court.
4. If the case is unpromising or we failed to prove in court that the trader is right, the trader's loss will be reimbursed from our insurance fund.

Protection of IAFT members is our top priority!
IAFT – We will Protect Everyone's Rights!

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Instructions for adding an account

To receive rewards from our Association you need to open an account with any broker from the list of our partners and start trading.

To do that you need to perform the following:

1. Go to your Personal office on our website.

2. Find the section Full Brokers list (on the right top corner) and click Go to Full Brokers List.

3. When you are there, select a broker and click Go To Broker’s Site (opposite the chosen broker).

4. After that, you will be on your Broker's website. So, register on the Broker’s website and open a real account with the broker you selected. Please, make sure that you go to its website through IAFT site.

5. After you registered on the Broker's site and opened a real account with, the broker will send you your account number on your e-mail.

6. Fund the trading account you have opened with the Broker in any way convenient for you.

7. In your IAFT Personal office, go to “Accounts” section and Add the received account number (a combination of 5-7 numbers).

8. There, select your Broker from the list provided, and specify your account number.

Now you can start trading and receiving a reward for every transaction you perform!

As soon as your account has been verified you will start receiving a reward for every trade you make even a loss making one.

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Make money without investing anything!
Start from scratch with IAFT!

Our Association is constantly improving the services we provide for our traders. The next step in this direction is the creation of exclusive contests where anyone can participate and earn his starting capital.

Joining IAFT traders contests is very easy:
  1. Go through simple registration process (if you are not registered at our website).
  2. Log in at our website.
  3. Register at one of the broker’s websites.
  4. Download and install MetaTrader4 from your broker’s website.
  5. In your Personal office click Traders Contests.
  6. Choose a contest and enter the following information: Dealing center, the number of the trading account with this company and investor’s password.
  7. Click Participate and start trading.

Don’t have an account and trading platform?
Not to worry!

Our partner and permanent sponsor FOREX MMCIS group will provide you with its platform and will automatically create a training account for you.
  1. Go to contest selection page
  2. Choose the event you are interested in
  3. Click Register
  4. Click Open an account

A training account will be automatically created and your username and password will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.
If you do not have a trading platform, click Download MT4. After downloading the platform install it on your computer, enter username and password you received and start trading.

You can join the ongoing daily, weekly or monthly contests at any time – even a few days before its completion. The most important is the will and ambition to trade!

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
The International Association of Forex Traders provides profitable and transparent conditions for traders who will receive their deserved reward with us.

Ask yourself: how often do you overpay for spreads? The answer is obvious – almost all the time! That’s why we took care of the problem and made it possible for you to get the rebate in the amount of 60% of the part of spread on every transaction, no matter if it's profitable or not.

Each member of the Association who signs up with a dealing center or a broker company through our organization is guaranteed to receive 60% of the part of spread paid by the financial organizations to us for every transaction you perform.

It's all simple – you trade and receive a bonus in the form of a partially rebated spread.

The more transactions – the bigger the reward!

Besides, you get the most beneficial trading conditions, you cooperate only with honest and reliable companies and increase your professional level.

International Association of Forex Traders: every new member is another happy trader!

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
Attention Everyone! Take Advantage of a Unique Promo-action!

Dear IAFT Customers!

We present to your attention a new unprecedented promo-action from our Association. Do not miss your chance to earn extra money without risking anything!

During the period of June 1 through July 1, reregister the declined account with any of the companies, who are our partners and we will credit $25 to your balance in IAFT. It will be real and available money to withdraw. All you need to do is to open a new account on your broker's website, deposit it and add this account number to your Personal Office on the IAFT website.

You can learn the promo-action details here.

For more information, please call +44-20-81149641, write an e-mail to support@tradersunion.com or apply to the on-line chat of our Association. We are always happy to answer all your questions!

Best regards,
IAFT administration

Irene Ivory

TradersUnion.com/IAFT Representative
IAFT in social networks.

International Association of Forex Traders broadens its borders and is glad to see its potential members in social networks.

From now on you have an opportunity to contact us not only on “Traders Union” website, but on the pages of our groups in world's most popular social networks as well.

Number of IAFT communities is increasing day by day. It is social networks that helped thousands of traders learn about us.

Share your experience with those who don`t know about IAFT yet! Communicate, share your trading strategies and give advice!

Join the biggest traders community!