Anybody using Pallada auto EA v1 ?

I recently bought Pallada SE after seeing a few good reviews here, and requested the auto EA v1 from as suggested on tradeways website.

The auto EA, along with with instructions, duly arrived in a zip file but did not include the two .set files as mentioned in the instructions. I queried them about this and the reply was -
"At that moment default settings are recommended. You have just to customize EA for 5 digit broker"

Being new to Metatrader (normally I use another platform) and to Pallada this strikes me as unusual - I thought the .set files were important for it's correct operation. If anyone else is using this EA are you using .set files at the moment or not?

I also noticed that the auto EA results have not been updated on since March 2010, maybe not a promising sign.

Once I've had the EA running for at least a month I will be posting a review.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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