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Discuss TrajectoryForex.com

General discussions of a financial company


A note from the author of the book

Okay, this is NOT a review. I'm the guy who wrote this book, so it's more of an introduction and an invitation for people to review this material. I've tried to present it in an honest manner, and I've tried to (in no way) make promises that transcend reality based on legitimate trading results. Every trade in the book was made and nothing manufactured. No results are fake. The charts and profits shown on my website and available for download at NO charge are real: Now, The Easiest Money YouÕll Ever Make. I put that information out there no charge. You don't have to buy the book to see my charts and results from trading activity.

The methodology is viewed by some as a rehash of Multiple Time Frame Analysis. I strongly disagree and there's a whole chapter in the book that details why this is an evolution beyond MTFA. The foundation of my method for identifying trends is definitely grounded in MTFA, but Trajectory Forex is an evolution beyond MTFA as well. It incorporates two data variables: alignment as used in conventional MTFA, plus real time measure of velocity of price movement as seen in time frame groups which I detail in the book. The time frame grouping/identification with specific meaning attached to each set of time frames is also an important advance beyond conventional MTFA. In that sense, there are some elements of my methodology that firmly disagree with conventional MTFA.

The combination of total net pips worth of movement in one direction (alignment) and the speed of movement in given time periods (observed via net pips in combinations of time frames) allows us to achieve a true measure of trajectory and velocity the same as we would do in physics with any real object in motion. I treat price as a virtual object in motion with causal effects creating momentum and thus opportunities to profit.

One of the most significant perspectives of Trajectory Forex is also the collection of data you must patently avoid. Technical and Fundamental Analysis must be given no consideration if you are using my methodology. They have no scientific validity since we cannot predict the future of anything in our known universe. So I strongly urge people who consider my method for identifying trends to focus only and exclusively on the two data variables that stream into the MT4 in real time.

The book is not an exciting read. As one reviewer said on Amazon, (a fellow who has a serious problem with me personally despite my attempts to help him win trades in countless emails we exchanged over a year ago), a lot of this stuff is on the Internet for free. I'm not going to dispute that you could do a lot of research on the Internet and come up with the same methodology I've put forth here. But, I've never seen anyone approach trend identification in this physics based manner, and I've been trading since 2006. So hey, I did my research. I tested and proved that this works. While pieces and parts can be found in different places on the Internet, I don't that that invalidates the worth of my conclusions. Beyond question, my book is documented to be original intellectual property. It is NOT a copy, revision or rip off of anyone else's data or observations.

I'll also add that I don't guarantee readers will necessarily profit from the method presented in my book. It's just the way I trade, and it's a way to avoid speculating, guessing or predicting. If nothing else, this is the scientific method applied to price movement observation and analysis. And it works for me, so I wrote the book.

With that, I welcome comments and observations. I will also not apologize for the massive disclaimer language at the end of the book. I take no responsibility for anyone's trading activity. If I may offer a metaphor...just because I teach you a new approach to driving a car today, I'm not responsible if you crash into a tree on your own the following week.

J.A. Sparks