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Discuss unionpacific-nz.com

General discussions of a financial company
Any New Reviews on Unionpacific-nz ?

Blustokin made a negative comment in 2007. Thought in these 2 years he would have got more info on the negatives to post for members here to read, but todate none. Kind of strange as this broker is still very well in business and growing. Heard about it, saw its performance but unable to check on its honesty n integrity further. Anyone has any experence to share further ? Thanks.
union pacific limited is a legal trader

:). for those who outside there........i know that you all still unsure about this company.
for your information, i have invest in this company. i also working in one of our branch as a customer service for this company.
many people get trapped in their investment because of their agent. my suggestion is don't dealing with agent who is not sure who they work for...the better way is you go to our service centre to get the information about this investment.
Union Pacific Limited - **** house trader it is

I will post my trading account that is managed by UPL under their great investment trading scheme....even the local UPL Service Centre is at a loss as to how a "professional" trading house traded in such poor amateurish fashion.

They hedge a loss at 92 pips and widen it to almost 800+ pips just to drown all the accounts ....some 200+ accounts are now in the trash......

Once it is confirmed trash, my trading accounts together with screen shots of how they trade will be posted.

Let all newbie investor stay clear of them - a perfect CON !!


I will post my trading account that is managed by UPL under their great investment trading scheme....even the local UPL Service Centre is at a loss as to how a "professional" trading house traded in such poor amateurish fashion.

They hedge a loss at 92 pips and widen it to almost 800+ pips just to drown all the accounts ....some 200+ accounts are now in the trash......

Once it is confirmed trash, my trading accounts together with screen shots of how they trade will be posted.

Let all newbie investor stay clear of them - a perfect CON !!


My trading account with its hedge postiion IN A BIG LOSS is still wide open locking out some 200+ accounts in one local service centre area - so I will not be posting the account as yet until it is fully thrashed by UPL-nz. WARNING AGAIN: STAY CLEAR OF THESE CON MEN OR WOMAN. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM SINCE MAY 2010, AND IS AHEAD, GET OUT NOW BECAUSE WHEN THE NUMBERS ACCUMMULATE, THEY WILL LOCK OUT YOUR ACCOUNT BY OPENING A HEDGE POSITION FOR MONTHS AND YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO YOUR ACCOUNT SO MANAGED BY THESE CON ARTISTS.

Union Pacific Limited - NZ is a big thrash

OK, after more than a month of opening a 552 pips Loss hedge position and keeping it there to drown the account, the aim was finally achieved by this Union Pacific Limited - NZ on the 12th July when they finally decided to close the account in a loss status. I was conned a neat sum of USD 1800+ and I had absolutely no intention at all to deal with these crooks henceforth. Instead, I would use this loss to describe to you all here what this UPL is doing, how their con tricks work and how as unsuspecting investors or players, innocent people were made to lose their hard earned cash. Hopefully, one would grow wiser after reading what is going on. I will tell you why I joined the scheme, what was my strategy and how I was caught well too early in their game. I am a trader - this loss is minimal which I can recouped in a month easily. After my writeups here, I would forward everything to the NZ authorities and see if they are interested to pursue this matter. There are over 200+ accounts of more than 5 to 10 times my sizes being fleeced - according to the UPL-NZ Service Centre workers - their friends and associates had all fallen flat. They were all conned and I will post their ledger too when they pass that on to me later. The local Reserve Bank and the Police are now looking into it but I guess it is a case of trying to shut the gate after the horses had bolted. I will display how I believe no tradings were done , that it was all a computerised manipulations of figures and data that created this fiasco. I had taken screen shots everyday of the account and the ledger ( except for the 6 days period when I was away and I do not have access to PC/internet) and real professional will laugh all the way if they should see the ledger and the screen shots. The writeups that I wanna post here will probably put in ideas to future crooks who would want to work along this lucrative line again. But you are all forewarned again - Stay clear of them, they are wild vultures - the likes of UPL.
UPL - NZ Con Game

I trade. And when I heard of a lucrative and "proven" tradings by a well noted NZ firm, I was interested to know more. A friend of mine runs the UPL Service Centre and I was briefed all the details on what it was all about. I was skeptical and half of me believed it to be a scam. There were indications from its name, its office location and its director. But in NZ and the NZ authority does not think it is a scam, since it has been around for such a long time already - so what ? One soon gave way to complacency but if it is a scam, if it can last 6 months, I should be okay. At least by then I know what crooks are made of with a little bit of tuition fees paid. It was in January then. My friend passed me his account ledger and I looked through. More suspicions - what forex trading has no time indicating when the trade was made ? Nevermind, I can track the trade against my MT4 to see if there is a possibility of bull**** trades and hopefully it lasts the 6 months I am interested in only. My friend at the Center started his account on 17 August 2009. Yes, with the minimal deposit of 10K local currency, equivalent to 2816.90 in US terms. Most trades were scalped - 6 to 10 pips or thereabout and a few losses of the same range. Each trade per lot is 30 USD taken off by them and the lots built up as the earnings increased. By September, he became bold and added some more capital - some 25K local currency and thereafter he drew on the earnings and by late January 2010, he had some 28K USD Equity with no open positions, against his own blood and sweat money of some 5K plus, meaning he was up about 22K USD then.

Great, I need just another 6 months to see how this operatives work - sort of a free show maybe. I joined in mid February with just the 10K local currency. That was why I joined, out of curiosity more than anything else - who knows, maybe there is indeed some free supper somewhere ?

How does it work ? Open an account, banked in the money through the Service Centre personnel. Easy enough. And the account would start in auto mode. You can only logged in to see the ledger, statement and the open positions if any. " Tradings" are sparse and maybe twice a week. You have no other ability to control the account. It is enabled only between 2300 GMT and 0700 GMT for you to check it out and called the service centre for withdrawal processes if need be. The systems had been in use for nearly 8 years, claimed the Mr Wong - who is the chief promoter, according to the Service Centre. I asked and begged my friend to make sure that when next Mr Wong is in town, arrange a meeting over coffee as I am more keen to know more about this lucrative tradings. He had yet to set foot locally since I joined in February.

So what happened then ? I checked out FPA, no bad writeups. How can that be ? See my earlier thread here. The way to know if the meat is cooked right is to try it out yourself if no one else says it is bad or anything, right ? So here we are.

By late March, equity is up - "trading" was good so far. I made a withdrawal of just below 500USD to attract no charge withdrawal. Yes, it came through. I need 5 more. Late April, equity is up - as expected. I made my second withdrawal of the same amount. It came through. I need 4 more. That was 27 April. Next day, disaster struck. The account showed a hedge loss position of 92 pips. Most of the trades I saw from last August till then were all in the few pips win or loss. How on earth do you get out of a position with a hedge loss of 92 pips against an equity of USD3K ? Maybe this is how they will prove their skill !

That was when I realised I did not have the time. It is getting too late in the hours now, so I will continue the exposure tomorrow.

Stay away from UPL-NZ

Just don't learn things the hard way. Just stay clear of them.

UPL has a Service Centre in my location. As I had said earlier, the guy running the Centre is a friend and with that I had somewhat thrown cautions to the wind.

It is a managed forex investments, and there are some 200+ accounts that were opened to be managed through this Centre. And I do not know why it is still around - there are still people who are keen to throw away cash, I suppose - when some 200 + accounts were thrashed (as I had reliably learnt), including mine a few days back.

What I learnt of the operatives are these:

1. Just banked in the money and the fund would be managed by them and you just sit back and collect the gains.

2. How do they make money? Oh, simple, every trade they do for you cost you 30 USD, win or lose.

3. Did we check out the company ? Yea, it had fantastic writeups. The details appeared skirmish but that is because they have their own service centres all over the globes and more details are from these centres. There was nothing anywhere bad mouthed about them - except here now.

4. What's the possibility of losing it all ? Very low. The promoter, Mr Wong, just live on this managed trades by them. We were told he had made a fortune - this Mr Wong and he is dealing direct with UPL-NZ. He had it for 5 years or more, no raw deals at all. But we read in some forums of guys losing great sums with this UPL. Oh Oh, that is because they got conned by agents who are not from UPL Service Centre ! We were told. So what now ? The guys at the Centre are hopping mad because a lot of the accounts were from young college folks who placed their fees and other moneys into these accounts as the returns are far better than normal bank returns and now they are all cooked and deep fried. Can you imagine what is to happen in the days ahead at the Service Centre if it is still open ??

5. How do you make money ? The UPL advanced system would do the trading for you. Each trading day, between 0700 GMT and 2300 GMT, you will have no access to your accounts. That is their trading time and no interference from investors in the managed accounts. The Service Centre told us these. On weekends, no access too. So when do they trade ? When the great systems detected a trading condition, trades are taken on and just like that. It is a great system and it scalped for a few pips, normally between 7 to 15 pips. Each pip is worth about 20 USD so it is between 140 to 300 USD. For each trade done (open and close), 30 USD is taken off and the winnings added to your equity.

6. How often do they trade ? Twice a week maybe or less.

7 What's the potential return a month ? Easily 15% or more.

8. How do we withdraw or add funds ? Through the Service Centre.

So one just sits back and waits for the goose to lay the eggs. Mr Wong had it for 5 years or more. I just need 6 months. So I waited. The result was as described in the earlier post.

As I had said, what is the point of pursuing with crooks ? The point is don't work with crooks.

How do they con you ?

All the tradings I saw from since August 2009, the scalps were done on the same day or overnight, but rarely. The gains and losses were in the same miniscule range of some 10 pips plus or minus. To me, it appears to be just data manipulations and the figures in equity came out pretty good looking. Accounts holders made withdrawals also face no problems, because new people are getting in and paying for those withdrawals. The greedy ones just see their numbers growing and it looks and feels good. This is how a ponzi works. Initially, the minimum entry was 10K USD. It was a slow build up. Then when the Service Centre was in full swing, it has successfully negotiated for a lower minimum of 10K local currency and more came in. I guess by late April, the promoters and UPL decided it is time to pull it off. I checked with the service centre what was the current status in terms of accounts worth in April and told that it must be about 700K USD in accounts. A decent company will not do anything, but a ponzi will hit the road. And how to do that ?

Suddenly, for scalping trades of around 10 pips, a loss position was created and hedged at 90 plus pips loss. So no withdrawals from any account is possible. Each day a hedge is in position, interest had to be paid and it will suck your equity dry. A hedge is a simultaneous buy and sell position opened for a given pair. While the buy makes money, the sell loses a similar amount so the loss is always there. So what do they do ? They created a few buys and sells creating a "win" to add to your balance while at the same time this win is taken off and more from the equity as the float keeps on ballooning until it reaches 800+ pips at one stage. The equity was down to negative and as the float loss is higher than the balance which has now ballooned to a high figure also. Very impressive to the lay innocents.

If professional trader created a hedge and grew the loss hedge wider and wider each day, they are nothing but fools. Normal traders will see the follies of them and not as professional. So hear me, UPL - NZ are not professionals but crooks as far as my fund is concerned. A hedge is to contain a loss. The next aim with having a hedge is to reduce the hedge with winnings to get back to a positive scenario. When you grew a loss hedge from 90+ pips to 800 pips loss, I have nothing more to say. They are not traders.

I said manipulated data ? Yes, I captured the open position each day and on one day, there were only 3 open positions. When I came back the next day, the ledger had two positions that were opened for the previous to the day before, which created more losses. If this is not manipulations, what is ? There were no trades, my friends, it was all data generations and the hallmarks of a ponzi scheme.

The next thing - at one stage, the equity was down to negative. There were messages asking about topping up account. Called my friend, and he said ignore them. Then what happened ? They could still trade with equity in the red and brought the account back up such that in the long 5 weeks that followed this, no tradings were done and the brought back equity was drained by data insertions of daily interests paid that eventually sucks it all away. And I thought a repeat would be done - but nope, this time they closed the account after doing nothing for 5 weeks - no trades.

The brought back scenario was an equity of 1800+ but I could not withdraw or close as the hedge position of 550+ pips loss was still in place. Very quickly, manipulations set in the next day to bring the equity figure down to 700+ USD ( the creations of the false trades ) and this took 5 weeks to be sucked off and closed account in the negative.

This is what they do. If you have extra cash to throw, please throw them to me. Just stay clear of UPL-NZ to save your heart from being broken.

I will marked my documents and attached in later post. I challenge UPL to come here and tell everyone that they are not crooks. I challenge them to explain my account performance.

I had one question. If they were not going to trade for the last 5 weeks of my account survival, why don't they just closed the account and refund me the balance which was at one stage 1800 + up. Only crooks know what they are doing. What is the point of opening a loss hedge position of 90+ pips and grow it to 800+ pips and then act like bloody fools to dry the accounts and closed it up ? If the loss of 90+ pips were just drawn up and create a story to tell investors what had happened, they may have more credibility than doing just what they had done. Crooks do not think straight.
They failed to remember that we were all in managed accounts of their making. They are nothing but cheats anyway.

I spent 1800+ USD to learn this and to curse UPL-NZ for the rest of its life. To hell with them.

Beware Of Upl-nz Clones

UPL - the website WAS HERE ..., http://www.unionpacific-nz.com/.... but now (this moment) is inaccessible from my location.


The Service Centre guys had all wound up in my location and had reported to the federal authority for frauds and cons and also police report had been made by them. Bear in mind, this is the UPL Service Centre guys. So in whatever forms they will next evolve, I hope all of you out there will take note of their con game. It is advisable to check out their website and take note of those behind its operation as I am sure the lady will evolve again under another name. Already strands of similar operation had started in my location under a a brand new bunch of guys who incidentally, knew a lot of UPL malaise, and are able to explain why they are one up and one better and more secure than UPL. Con men never give up !

I will upload my UPL statement and ledger later.

I Loss my few K in Union Pacific Limited (UPL)

At first i started to believe that UPL really honest company that help people like me, i joined this company since last year and really made profit in the first few months. But started this Jan 2011 something is weird happened, the UPL trade pattern changed drastically;

1. They enter trade without stop loss (someone said they forgotten)
2. Seldom doing trade
3. Sudden trade with high profit
4. Cannot withdraw
5. Sudden trade with double negative in float trade
6. Now, our account pending in loss. We cannot withdraw the remaining balance

Please be careful for those new trader, stay away from UPL