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Updated: Feb 23, 2020
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May 12, 2018,
Registered user

Great service

Today I wanted to upgrade to gold membership. Due to circumstances this was not immediately possible. I was approached directly by Pure Financial Academy with the question whether I needed to discuss 1 on 1.

Within 5 minutes i was in contat with them. I have been able to ask my questions and received immediate answers. The conversation was provided with a lot of useful information which made me feel confident to do certain trades. We spoke for 40 minutes. This proves to me that they take there clients serious!

Very friendly and helpful are words that fit well with Pure Financial Academy
Brian B,
Northern Virginia, USA,
Apr 13, 2018,


I have been a member and student of the PFA community for 6 months now. And I have only positive remarks for this course and the excellence that the instructor, WILL BUSBY, demonstrates during each and every class. His dedication to his students is above anything I have ever been a part of.
There is a lot of material within the PFA course of Methodology and Advanced Training ,to understand and implement, and it will require time and effort to master.
But once i started to grasp this trading method of reading Supply and Demand price action, the light bulb started to go on. I still have a ways to go with mastering this method, but each day gets easier and my confidence as a trader is building.
I had so many questions in the beginning, but WILL, the instructor, has always and continues to answer any and every question that I come up with. He is very patient and thorough with his expert explanations as well. I look forward to being online in the LIVE TRADING ROOM each and every class.
I am not telling you to join the PFA community, Im just saying as a new trader that its the best financial decision I have ever made.
San Diego, USA,
Oct 21, 2017,
Registered user

Supply and Demand Trading

I have been trading futures for five years. This year will be my first profitable year. I have paid good money for good training 4 years over before finding PFA. All had a decent edge. But there was always still a feeling of whether or not I was making a good decision to enter, even in the face of what the method I was trading at the time was telling me. Still had a sense of 'guessing'. Ive used market profile and have had extensive training in the use of it. I have used footprint charts, followed other forms of order flow, etc.. etc.. all very complicated. The taxation on the mental fuel trading this way, at least for me, was massive. Once I - as all other methods Ive been trained on - literally stumbled on to the concept of Supply and Demand trading, I knew this was the info / style of trading that I didnt know I had been missing and searching for since the beginning. That is, finding where the big players trade, e.g., have their orders sitting. Thats what as a retail trading, we all want to know. Its like the pilot fish swimming next to the shark. Except in trading these sharks will eat you if you dont know what you are doing. Will at PFA has a natural gift to explain these Supply and Demand concepts like no other. Their training is unmatched. Even has tests at the end of each section to check your knowledge learned. The live classes contain information you will never, never find in a book. Trust me on this. Trading is a very personal adventure. Meaning, what works for some will not work for others. For me, stripping away all of the complexity I was trained at leveraging before PFA was a Godsend. The method is the easiest and yet the absolute most powerful, and reliable system in my opinion in all of the methods out there. I can say with confidence, I have found my stop on this train of trading. I trade with consistency, confidence and ease of identifying where Im entering and exiting before price ever gets to my entry. Trading is now fun - and making money when youre having fun is something few will ever have the benefit of experiencing. If you're struggling to the find your niche, give PFA a look and see what you may have been missing. Proceed.
michael m,
Denver, USA,
May 16, 2016,

Pure Financial Academy is the best trading education I have seen. Hands down.
There seem to be a lot of supply and demand trading programs out there today. However, PFA goes well beyond simply teaching you how to find the supply and demand areas on a given price chart. Through live trading sessions they teach members how to use these zones to actually read price and understand where true imbalances in the financial markets occur. I found PFA early in my journey and have never looked back.
Guido N,
PERTH, Australia,
Apr 5, 2016,

I joined purefinancial academy recently. The trading learning material is intense but I have found Will from pure financial academy easy to understand and has made some elements I could not grasp before much more understandable. The supply and demand advance levels he teaches have been the highlight for me and my trading has improved since using them. Guido
Los Angeles, USA,
Jan 1, 2016,

I'm a member of PFA / Platinum since 2014 and I have to tell, I can't imagine better place and education then Pure Financial Academy.
I went thru many-many systems and custom tools and schools and whatsoever, but nothing even close to PFA.
First off, the concept you learn is the deep root of the bare / naked chart trading and correct price reading based off historical data without anything added to the chart. Second, the owner / educator, Will Busby has an out-of-the world sense of being an outstanding trainer and teacher, his method is unbeatable and his deeply detailed live/recorded webinars only for members pretty much puts the knowledge in your head.
Will goes deep down to the rabbit hole, for the beginners, seeing a bare price chart doesn't really tell too much, for him, it's like a series of lexicons. He can talk and show millions of things on a naked chart and it all makes sense. Learning the starter PDF's helps to understand the foundation of the supply/demand trading and watching those recorded webinars (hundreds of hours) explaining every single details, that the chart can tell - is just like going to a school everyday and start from the ABC and from there going to a very high level knowledge.
This is priceless, Will's reputation all over the world is flawless, because he is highly a recommended mentor and educator. Learning and knowing the why and what of the price movement, knowing how to read off of the bars and off of the historical data without any added tools or indicators or subjectivity - it is a knowledge that nothing can beat in the traders world.
If you are willing to learn and willing to spend time to understand the bare chart reading and price movement, understanding how to put all the bits and pieces together - PFA is such a great and final destination.
David Ouyang,
California, USA,
Aug 5, 2015,

I came to PFA through a random Google search of trade Supply Demand levels, then I quickly realized PFA is THE institution that I'm looking for all along.
The course material generate by Will not only teaches you the fundamentals, but also covers some of most advanced strategies that I have ever seen.
Plus, Will is a true educator who is dedicated to make your success in the financial market.
Jim Gasson,
Falls Church, Virginia, USA,
Mar 30, 2015,

I highly recommend Pure Financial Academy’s Supply & Demand software & methodology, as well as the founder, Will Busby, for his exceptional mentoring capabilities. Will’s unique understanding of institutional Supply and Demand order flow, combined with his exceptional teaching skills, provide a trader with the essential foundation in understanding price activity in ANY market. Gaining that skill provides you with an enormous probability edge. Also, Will is extremely passionate about your success as a trader, and I see him demonstrate that week after week, month after month, in his daily mentoring sessions! I’ve been a trader for many years, although a student of the PFA methodology for only six months as a Platinum member. In that short time, the education and software has had a profound impact on my trading mindset, and performance. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the hard work and discipline required become a successful trader, this is the place to start, or restart, your career.
George D,
Sydney, Australia,
Mar 18, 2015,

I am a member of PFA and I highly recommend this program to any trader serious about taking their trading to the next level. This program teaches you how to trade based on a unique supply and demand methodology. You will learn about market structure, trend direction and of course how to locate supply and demand levels on a chart.

They focus mainly on futures (including currency futures) but the method works the same on any market or timeframe (as opposed to some systems that only work on one market and one esoteric timeframe).

The reason I became a PFA member is I finally made the brave decision to learn how to trade instead of simply relying on these stupid indicators to trade. After bouncing around from one guru and system to the next, I realized that virtually every single profitable trader I had come across in the last 10 years was able to read price, even the ones using indicators, Everything they did was based on market structure and being able to trade off a naked chart if they had to. Either this was a massive coincidence or you needed to be able to read market structure to trade.

Take it from me, it's the latter.

Supply and demand trading and reading price action seems very subjective and hard so I had always dismissed this style of trading as I preferred to use indicators to trade instead as that was the lazy man's way to trade.

Having been through the course, the methodology is simple to implement once you know the basics. You will learn a methodical and systematic way to look for trades which is exactly what I was after.

A word of caution though - expect to put in a lot of work to fully understand the method. This will be the same for any course that teaches you how to trade off a naked chart. Approach it like you would a university course and you will be rewarded.