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Updated: Jun 15, 2015
2.277 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.277 · 5 REVIEWS
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Robert Weir,
New York, USA,
Jun 17, 2014,

I have followed GlobalFxclub.com for over a year now. Their performance has been consistent over the long run on their trade copier platform, and as of recently has improved after the few down months towards the end of the year. Their performance page is sometimes not updated till after the month or all trades are settled, but I always received updates on positions in a timely fashion. In order to eliminate the flat performance which is manually updated they started a myfxbook April of this year to be even more transparent. I highly recommend them, and especially their team of traders who are always in the chat room or available via skype and email. Kudos to Mike and his team.
Rick Reid,
Uk, United Kingdom,
Mar 19, 2014,

Faudulent Site. Does not update correct log. Has a trade copier but the log never reflect the copier real results. . February was down over -400 , on the website it says + 130... Every Month is incorrect. This is blatant fraud!, Current month ( march) is down over -450, yet says +200. Myself and a lot of guys have lost a lot of money via global they he wont stop picking tops /bottoms . opening multiple trades in same pair at same time. Avoid like the plague. If you don ask or complain you will be ignored. They also run another signal site called profitable forex alerts.
california, USA,
Mar 11, 2014,

Been active member for 3 months, Jan, Feb and now March 2014. Have basic membership. Found that I do not get all the signals they send out ( find out later they are making an adjustment to their position, but never received initial position announcement). They do not keep their member web site updated with their open and closed trades. They used to send out their current pip win /loss for the month with each position announcement, but when they started losing (mid Jan 2014), they stopped posting it/ They took down their chat feature when they started losing pips on a regular basis/ /They do not answer e mails. They set stops on their position announcements ( good thing) some of their positions are run on, exactly to the pip of their stops (conflict of interest?), I highly question their stated gain of 129 pips for feb 2014 ( they are not posting all their trades for feb 2014 on their web site)/ If u want a swevice to either 1. notice u when 4 hr trend lines are met, or 2 , trade against their recommendations, then i would suggest this service. Tried to contact them before posting this review,
UK, United Kingdom,
Jan 13, 2014,

Hide their losing months and blatantly lie!! Run two diff signal sites...
Wesley Henry,
New York, USA,
Apr 27, 2013,

Great Service. Signals sent via SMS, Twitter, and email. There is a live member chat area. There are many videos and webinars every week.