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Updated: Dec 12, 2017
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Dec 12, 2017,
Registered user

I made this post on the a blog liked on their website and got a run around with their Chief Engineer whom claims to own the blog and had no idea about

I was refereed to this company and got a price jack x4 my expectation after I submitting my code. My advise to everyone is to be cautions when dealing with them. .The owner of http://www.financial-hacker.com works for them and his post also made me believe that they are credible. But unfortunately something seems not to right. I did'nt want to post my review here first my the blog owner who seems to be the no.3 registered member of their forum http://www.opserver.de/ and goes with the alias @jcl and registered as their Chief Engineer .
However the blog http://www.financial-hacker.com is a blog link on http://www.zorro-trader.com. Its on the top page

My 1st post after 30 emails between i and their support
December 10, 2017 at 18:17
I’m surprise that someone from the same company zorro made this write up. Actually i was a victim @zorro. i had a very very bad experience with them. I mailed their support after a friend referred me to them as they claim to give money to the poor(marketing strategy), i stated clearly what i wanted and what my budget was. Ok then they gave me a quote for a whooping EUR 2250 (2647USD) for fix adaption of my mq4l code to zorro. Then in the second mail I informed the support that my budget was $250 so maybe i forgo the fix API adaption,and just convert the EA to C-lite,she kept pushing me to send over the code, but i still insisted to get price quote or a price range, because i have several bad experiences with codes that just want to get your code and give you a scary price to scare you away.
Now in her/he mail she/he stated that ”the conversion of 200 lines MT4 code to C will most likely already exceed the $250 budget”. That sounded fair to me as a trader from 2007 and old member of several forex forum forexfactory.com/mecman, forexpeacearmy,TSD forum,Mq4l forum,Worldwideinvestment forum, indo-investasi,forex systems.ru,soehoe.id etc So i sent my code. Expecting to get a price range slightly higher that $250 and maximum $499……..
Later i got a mail from their coder, and i sent him me details on what i expected in the conversion, i wanted him to understand that i wanted the backtest and demo to be identical.
By then it was my 7th email to them, Then i got exacted what i was trying to avoid, the agent then slammed with a 850EUR fee !!! I was so shocked 850eur(1000usd) for my own 200lines of code. Because they are in possession of code, That is 4x my budget. I replied him and told him to consult the agent i spoke with because she said ”will most likely already exceed the $250 budget”, so i assumed max $499 because if not she would have said, it will likely exceed twice your budget.
I got so upset because they now have my code, we exchanged a total of 30 emails, but it was all a waste. A huge regret, the agent even told me he have 100s of similar EAs and i told him, if you had 100s of similar EAs then it should take you up to 4 days which was the duration you gave. The agent told me that i can go and freelance the job if i want, I defiantly know a lot of freelancing web site
I don’t want anyone to ever experience same issue, after 30 emails between I and zorro support,I gave up. Since I cant withdraw my EA all i can do is to pass this message around and to every forum i’m registered with. God bless you

He replied ###
jcl says:
December 11, 2017 at 10:57
I’m not sure that I understand your problem. Fixing a long and confused MQL4 script and replicating it on another platform can indeed be expensive, but certainly not EUR 2250. And if you asked for a quote and it was too expensive – what’s the problem to just look elsewhere for a cheaper offer?

My reply ###
December 12, 2017 at 02:01

I will answer your question one by one.
My problem was that i followed what you posted here and your support does not do what you preach because i was fooled by your support, and your support is not credible.I worked with Canadian travel agency for 7yrs and handle escalated customer, you reply is obvious that you have taken sides with your company instead of looking for how to de-escalate an issue.
Please don’t make me sound like a lair , I was quoted eur2250 for fix adaptation email was dated 21st Nov. That was why i requested an alternative quote to fix the code, confirm the current backtest and demo will be identical after its converted to C-lite. And was told”the conversion of 200 lines MT4 code to C will most likely already exceed the $250 budget” email was dated Nov 22nd. So based on that email $250-$499 sounded ok for me.
I did not go to other places I already knew because i trusted the company i sent it to, and i used 3 different programmers to develop 3 different parts of the code, so as to make sure they never had an idea of what the final code will look like. I actually took most of those early steps you posted here to prevent conflict of interest before sending my code over, since it’s irreversible after i send my code.
If I hadn’t sent my code over, I would not even post here. I know how customer service works, false advertising or inaccurate information by a customer service agent is very expensive. And just to let you know that was part of my job for 7yrs, I handled payouts to customers based on inaccurate information/solutions given by customer service agent which requires doing deep investigations, reading documentations and listening to calls accurately before replying to a customer. So its obvious you did not read my mails before replying or you just acted blind to say”but certainly not EUR 2250”makes me look like I’m lying and that is an insult.
If you do not understand the reason i posted this was have the issue resolved and to prevent other people from running into the same mistake then I will go to every financial trading community to post my experience review so that no one falls in similar circumstance.

He replied ###
jcl says:
December 12, 2017 at 13:06
Just to make sure: This is my blog, no support desk. I do not know your case and have no business with you, or ambition to “handle escalated customers”. I cannot help with particular issues, I can only comment here on general questions.

If you ask a freelancer for the price of converting code, he will natually need that code for calculating the time and cost. No one would give you a price before seeing the code. If your code is top secret, request an NDA. If you don’t like the price, don’t place the order. That’s how it works everywhere in the industry, and I fail to see the problem. Do you not trust the NDA and fear that your code will be disclosed or what is it?

My reply ###
December 12, 2017 at 20:29
This is your blog but your post is not credible. Because i adhered to your post and its a part of what got me into this issue, now you are making look like I came here to lie where you work for the same company or even own it. This is totally outrageous !!!
1. If you do not know my case how comes you knew that my code was confusing ?
2. how comes did you know that i did not to sign ?
3. how comes you are the Chief Engineer in zorro forum with the same alias jcl and the number 3 registered member of that forum Registered on : 07/22/00 21:00 ?
4. Who is financial-hacker.com/services/
5.And the you make me look like I’m telling lies by saying, i quote you ” but certainly not EUR 2250”
6. You quote again ”No one would give you a price before seeing the code”. That is not true, coders can give quotes and a maximum fee which depends on the type of job request, the language use and how many lines the code contains.
As much as a coder will need a code every firm i have done biz with several firms gives similar quotes and a maximum quote, and on that maximum its left for the client to proceed or go some where else. Now you just trying to blame me for reading your post and adhering to post. I’m completely disappointed with your response.

And then I posted again ###
December 12, 2017 at 21:20
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

You claimed this is your blog rite not http://www.zorro-trader.com so how comes the link to this blog is on http://www.zorro-trader.com and the blog link for http://www.zorro-trader.com brought me here. All lies, you are just trying to disassociate yourself. You are not credible and your post are not credible. You need to take responsibility for information provided here and the information provided by your support. I do not care who owns this blog

This company is not credible, and i do not want anyone to ever have such experience and if they try to use my any of my code in any way for their own strategies either commercial or private, then we will see how it goes