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Updated: May 17, 2015
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Nov 5, 2014,

In my four month experience with the Cool Trader software, I have been totally disappointed in its performance, and its total lack of "technical support". When I submit specific failures of the program to execute programmed buy orders based upon my Strategy commands, I keep getting a response that I have to contact a "financial adviser" at a cost of $250-. I have a record of over 50 emails to the "Technical Support" team of Cool Trader, summarizing the above frustrating history. I have asked for my money back, but have been rebuffed. My experience with Cool trader is closely similar to that of other negative reviewers.
Montana, USA,
Mar 6, 2014,

Adam, We would like to talk with you more about this We also want to share info..... :-)

2014-03-05 1Star Adam i am sure that we are dealing with those same issues.... we are about to proceed with filing fraud charges...
Colorado, USA,
Sep 10, 2013,

I am also from Colorado and have been using the Cool Trade software since January. At the time we purchased the program, I also could not find any 3rd party reviews of the software, but purchased it any ways since it was being sold to us by a friend of the family who knows one of the Cool Trader Pro "Associates". They told us we only had a couple of days left to purchase with special pricing, 5 year subscription for the cost of 1 year. Despite having constant issues with the program, I went live after 4 months of simulation because the customer support insisted that there were some issues in the simulation that do not happen in live trading.

I have since stopped using the software because it is not reliable and does not work as advertised. The major issues I have had are summarized below.
1. The program does make a few profitable trades, but is also making un-profitable trades that only show up in the brokerage account (not in the program's trade reports), and making trades that do not meet the rules programmed into the strategy.
2. The trades are selling without meeting the profit requirements set in the strategy. I can produce the reports showing $0 trades that were executed.
3. The program is not following the open position rules set in the strategy.
4. They market this as being created by a former Microsoft "genius", but the program has none of the look or feel of a modern Windows software package. The software is old/outdated and not compatible with current technology without extensive work-arounds and constant updating and calls to customer support. To their credit, the customer support people are very willing to help, but they are just performing work-arounds and temporary fixes to make an outdated program work on the newest technology.

I have documentation to back all of this up, and I have been asking for a refund. It does not look like I will get my money back, but hopefully I can get the truth out there so others do not fall into the same situation.
This company is far too focused on selling the software and recruiting marketing "associates", rather than focusing on developing a software package that works. I have much more information to share from my experience if anyone is interested.
Colorado, USA,
Aug 20, 2013,

Heard about this from a friend who is in the "play money" mode, and thought I'd do some investigating. After spending an hour on the internet, I have yet to find any reviews from actual USERS, USING REAL MONEY, on their findings of the product and actual accounting. Dont' really know what that means, but normally I can find reactions from users of just about any product I am researching. Just seems a bit out of whack to me, if the product is so great.