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Binary-Cash-Code.com Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2018
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Oct 27, 2013,

I lostened to the video 3 times and this guy Eric sounded like the real deal. Bur before I sign up I googled IOptions and found out that they do not take USA citizens. Now I was very confused as this looked and talked without a brit accent. Then I got to wondering how he was using that platform when they do not handle US citizens. I then came to the conclusion that this guy must be an actor and the real scammer is hidden somewhere. All the accounts he had shown in the video must have been photoshoped also. I think this guy is selling noting but rehased c*** especiall judging from some of the reviews I have read here. I would pass on the scam folks. I also sent him 2 emails asking him to explain basically what i just wrote and so far no response. I really don't expect one either.
Vic Moore,
Derbyshire, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2013,

Hi, tried Binary-Cash-Code and had 14 wins from 16 bets on the first day. I thought that this was the real thing until the second day.
This time I had 20 losses out of 26 bets... That's about 33% wins. On Binary Trading you need about 60% wins to break even.

Also it seemed strange that trading stopped abruptly at 15.00 GMT on both days.

It would be great if there had been a system problem on the second day.
South Carolina, USA,
Aug 22, 2013,

I downloaded the free pdf outlining the camarilla level method, worked it manually. Must say i got so-so results on paper. Emailed the vendor and offered to pay him directly if he would let me have his software to allow me to trade at my existing binary broker. He declined, since I suspect he is a shill for Cedar or NRG or whomever.
John Clayton,
Kent, United Kingdom,
Jul 26, 2013,

I downloaded this free software a couple of weeks ago but can't get it to work. My emails to support go unanswered so I'm not very happy. Any suggestions?
Lagos, Nigeria,
Jun 26, 2013,

Hi Joffie, thanks for your review on binary-cash-code. Please i want to let you know that we are following your review and waiting to hear more from you about this product. Kindly get back to us about the performance before we fall for the wrong product. Thanks.
norfolk, United Kingdom,
Jun 21, 2013,

Only tried this for 1 day so far but for a free bit of software and free support I have to say the results are as shown on the site. 6 wins and 2 loss for first day will update the review at the end of next week.