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Updated: May 27, 2015
1.708 · 12 REVIEWS
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1.708 · 12 REVIEWS
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Michigan, USA,
Dec 20, 2013,

So far so good I opened an account $100 and it is up to $500 in 2 weeks time. I adjusted the stop loss and take profit as well as the max trades down to 4. I have emailed support a couple times with a pretty good response time. Perhaps they listened to the negative press and got there stuff together. I'm gonna ,keep a close eye on this account and hopefully I wont get blown out. I took out my original $100 just in case.
Switzerland, Switzerland,
Oct 14, 2013,

I had crisis killer v 1.0 running on a account with € 3000.- which is less than the recommended amount of € 10'000.-. It did make a profit with 0.01 lot settings which is the minimum available at the predetermined broker FX Choice to which the EA is limited. In a weeks time it made € 1000.- profit on the USDCAD EA running alone without the USDGBP EA before the account was blown and unable to make further trades on 1. aug. 2013 due to draw down and the margin call was a few days later.
I was fascinated by the way the robot traded. It traded the highest or lowest point when the price would swing most of the times and thus made a fantastic profit. It is just due to the fact that v 1.0 is unlimited in opening new orders, what must end in a margin call sooner or later when the market is trending. Since every new order is more than doubled up so that a turnaround in the price will result in a gain and it still can cover all the loss trades it is obvious that severe price movement requires an enormous amount of equity to avoid a margin call.
What is bad about v 1.0 is that it is
1.) limited to a live account - backtesting is possible on a live account but with very wrong results compared to a live account.
2.) limited to FX Choice as trader
3.) doesn't allow one to limit the maximum trades in one direction.
4.) limited to two currency pairs

Version 1.3 was released around sept./oct. 2013 but is a completely different EA. In backtesting and looking at the results at crisiskiller.com they seem to be simple grid trading EAs (like the free Super Money Grid from www.lifesdream.org) with no further advanced development which is not worth even a cent.

My advice:
Wait for the unlocked V 1.0 which allows limiting of the amount of orders, backtesting, different currencypairs and maybe another trader than FX Choice.It will probably never appear on the market so then better leave it!

Hopper from Switzerland
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 11, 2013,

I cant believe one can lie so much.
EAs like crisis killer are scamming and putting so many new forex trader out of market.
They did not allow this EA to be used on demo accounts caz they knew if people test its performance no one will find out.
These are same people who launched fap turbo and I have their emails to prove it offering me fapturbo membership if I cancel my refund request.
Dont fall victim to crisis killer or any EAs , market is too volatile to be predicted by any EA!!!
Invest in forex education and do it yourself , this is the only profitable approach !
, Malaysia,
Aug 9, 2013,

i tried with usd400 on 7/august.
it made some profits at the start but the following day my drawdown was more than 50% especially on the usd/cad pair.

the bot initiated 6 buys & one sell along the selling trend!!!
i am baffled.
i have to close all except one before it got worse.

Florida, USA,
Aug 9, 2013,

I fell for this rip off artist scam. Blew my entire 3K account in a wreckless USD/CAD grid trading fiasco. I kept thinking I should close the trades at a fifty percent loss but then again I remember this guy is a genius so I stupidly thought he knew what is was doing. This moron claims to be Tom Kim. He is a thief and I personally believe his behavior was so reckless that FxChoice had to be in on the scam. He intentionally added trades to keep the account in negative margin until the market went against him.. He and his broker took my money IMHO SCAMMMM 500 feet wide. and BTW, I AM AN IDIOT
, Australia,
Aug 7, 2013,

Dont go near this system. At first the system seemed to work well and make money. Proceeded to drain my entire $2000 account in a single night. It grid trades far too many trades with massive 250 pip stop losses. If the market goes against it then you get creamed in a matter of hours.

There is no point in making big money one day to have all those winnings plus your capital drained the very next.

Support is useless, I have emailled them 4-5 times with no response.

Definitely a scam, dont go near it. If you do be prepared to lose your entire capital.
Berlin, Germany,
Aug 7, 2013,

Having read the fine print, which warns against too small an account (in contradiction to the advertising), I went in big: EUR2,500. The first week or so it was going great guns, with approximately 20% gains. Then the USDCAD pair rose, and the software couldn't deal with it and wiped out the account within four trading days.

This EA is fine only as long as the market performs within narrow parameters -- which is almost never. Don't buy under any circumstances!
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 6, 2013,

this Crisiskiller is reckless and the advertising is false! it does NOT work on smaller accounts mine was $1000 and it wiped it out in less than 7 days! i would like to take these guys to court over their false advertising and shut this scam down. If You are interested in doing it as a group leave comments below and well start the ball rolling. Do not buy and if you have Dont use its dangerous !!
Hamburg, Germany,
Jul 31, 2013,

I tried it with 500€ and in the first week i doubled my bankroll but than all my money was blown away
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 23, 2013,

Too much hype .. False promises !!!

I started with US$500 as advised and the whole account blew up in literally 3 days.

The makers advertised it as high reward low risk bot but as soon as you sign up they tell you that it is high risk high reward bot !

I would not recommend it at all for small accounts !!!