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Updated: Sep 12, 2016
3.111 · 26 REVIEWS
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xCFD.com profile provided by Ivan Kuznetcov, Jan 5, 2014

Easier. Better. Faster. Smarter.

— Extra low spreads FX, Stocks, Indices and even Bitcoin

— Zero commissions and no hidden fees

— Accounts from 100 USD

— Brand new trading platform


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3.111 · 26 REVIEWS
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Kaunas, Lithuania,
Sep 8, 2016,
Registered user

xCFD criminal organisation

it's not possible to do anything because this broker is not regulated at all as they claim.
Yesterday I received call again from this broker they offered me to trade again on their platform, but when I rejected proposal, I heard a lot of swearing from that person..
Could somebody help me with this broker to return my money ?
I've created my page www.snake-nest.eu and I'll try to publish all evidence there related to this broker.

If You have more evidence please post in the forums.

Jul 28, 2016 - 1 Star They cooperate with scammer (criminal) traders who help You to trade, to extract from You more money and to loose it.
I've transferred 15 000 USD to my XCFD account, but when I wanted to quit and withdraw funds (8000 USD it's what left after all), after 5 minutes when I pressed Withdraw Funds, I received a lot of calls from unknown person who spoke in Russian and he said that he is from XCFD financial department and he want to help to return my money, but I have to make last transaction to buy some currency with his numbers. He said that it's only way to return my money. I've made this transaction and all my money was lost :( And then he said that he don't work for XCFD :( I was at bailiff and I've recorded almost everything what happened. So It's a real story with criminal end.
Akhtar Abbas,
Chakwal, Pakistan,
May 21, 2016,

XCFD is a SCAM broker. Hidden terms and condition. on website they have only 1 page. you cannot find and even ask terms and condtion until you request for a withdrawal. DON NOT TRADE WITH XCFD.
Ghazanfar Ali,
Islamabad, Pakistan,
May 6, 2016,

Very hard platform. Trades open automatically. Does not pay profits. at withdraw time you have to send 400 times documents to get your account verify then you can request for a withdrawal that cancel as well. DO NOT JOIN xCFD. SCAM SCAM SCAM ''WARNING''
Shazia Dar,
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 21, 2016,

BROKER STAY AWAY, I deposit 320 USD made 300 profit. when I ask for withdrawal XCFD force me to trade more. when I deny for more trading they block my account just refund initial deposit amount. xCFD will never pay you. SCAM BROKER STAY AWAY
Hamza Bilal,
Karachi, Pakistan,
Apr 20, 2016,

They never pays your profit. You have only 2 choices 1: Lose Money 2nd: make profit and get only your initial deposit. If you dont believe me then TRY IT.
Varazdin, Croatia,
Jan 13, 2016,

First impression was very nice. Platform seems to be easy and understandable. Overnight rates are not too high comparing to other brokers. They are good in general. I have just made another deposit, so we’ll see.
Nermeen ALI,
cairo, Egypt,
Jan 8, 2016,

I do not know why some here say they’re scam. But I’ve good experience with them. I’ve deposited $100 to try xCFD this August, made $147 from that deposit and withdraw profit without any troubles. Then I’ve deposited $500 and have over $2k on my account now.
luis monges,
puerto ordaz 8051, Venezuela,
Jan 4, 2016,

They’re awesome.
I trade with them for 8 months or something and have not met any troubles.
Withdrawals are fast, support is nice and platform is easy.
So I have got nothing to complain about.
Jase Pavic,
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Dec 28, 2015,

Nice broker with it’s own platform and wide range of assets. I love to add exotic instruments to my portfolio, so it fits me well. Charts are great, all the analytical instruments are very professional, pretty much like at trading view. For me it’s hard to get used to trade “quantity”, not lots though. That’s why 4 out of 5.
Dilara Batmaz,
Ankara, Turkey,
Dec 21, 2015,

Traded with this broker for a year or so and will continue. Haven’t met any withdrawal issues. Also easy to use, it took just a couple of hours to get the hang of it. Those who trade with MT4 will understand why this matters. So the broker is good, I will definitely recommend it.