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Updated: Nov 8, 2018
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July 2018:  LBinary appears to be out of business.  One less scam broker to worry about.
SCAM ALERT:  Feb 2015: There are three FPA Traders Court verdicts of Guilty against LBinary.  The FPA recommends AGAINST dealing with this company.

A formal FPA Scam Finding will be issued soon.
WARNING:  The FPA has recieved a report from a member about getting a phone call from someone claiming to be an employee of the Forex Peace Army investigating LBinary.  The FPA handles investigations by email, not by telephone.  The phone number the call reportedly came from appears to belong to LBinary. Click Here to see the report.

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2015-0052015-01-07Ryno Ryan vs lbinary.comguilty
2015-0092015-01-04Hope2321 vs lbinary.comguilty
2014-0342014-02-07paulm1162 vs lbinary.comguilty


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0.922 · 13 REVIEWS
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Frantz Olivier,
Medford MA, USA,
Jul 30, 2018,

LBinary folks are thieves and scammers. Stole over $21K from maxing out my 2 CCs,

The folks are thieves and hope they all get thir turn with law enforcement. They lured me into funding my account with $21,000 maxing out 2 credit cards. They gave me a bonus of $5,000. They helped me trade they account witch got to over $72,.000. When I tried to make my 1st withdraw they claimed that I need to make 25 times the bonus amount before I could withdraw any money. Then one day I went to my account and they made 5 to 6 losing transactions of 10K or more claiming the transaction came from my IP address and they were not responsible for them. The site was gone a couple of months later. SCAMMERS, THIEVES. That was my son's college funds and I hope you all rot in hell.
Kai Outzen,
Perth , Australia,
Feb 27, 2017,

These people are ,thieves ,frauds ,deliberately out to deceive all their clients an elaporate sam.

My name is Kai Outzen . i deposited USD 20000.00 in 2014 to L binary broker trough a senior manager by name of Mishele Zappos , she planted a bonus of 2000 after i strictly advised her not to , after that she disappeared , unable to contact her , i started trading ,but the platform was manipulated and i lost , most of the time i tried to withdraw my money , but was always cancelled . In 2016 my account balance was USD 7176.00 . When i locked in to trade one day , they claimed i only had USD 6.00 in my account and to deposit more money . i of course declined , next time i tried to log in, they had disappeared with all my money including all clients funds ,must be millions .
Shane Collins,
East London, South Africa,
Apr 14, 2016,

My story is pretty much like those on this site. I deposited $250 into Lbinary on 18 March after being signed up with what I later found out to be a scam software(MyFirstOnlinePayday).
When issues started occuring with activating my software and with the account manager bugging me to deposit more funds I smelled a rat!
Over the weekend on the 21 March I put a withdrawal request in for $250 dollars and a withwrawal pending staites was shown on the account. I checked for the next 3-4 days with no change in staites. Got the usual email from then that that they received my withdrawal request and that they will let me know when it is process.
I contacted them every 4-5 days querying what was the progress on the withdrawal. On the 13 of April I thought I log into my account and try the live chat only to find that there was now a balance in my account of $42!!!!!!!!!!
Upon checking the trade history unauthorized trades had been place over 2-3 days wiping the account nearly to $0.
I have emailed the account manager and asked for a emailed response. Still wating.
From what I am reading on FPA I probably wont see a dime. Should have done a little more homework!!!!
Sep 5, 2015,

I had received e-mails advertising LBinary as the best in binary trading. For a deposit of $250.00 you would be taking as much as $1000.00 a week out of your account. On 09/18/14 I signed up and waited for the phone call. 30 minuets later MYLES PETERSON called and started talking very fast and ended up taking $1000.00 that I knew about and then behind my back took another $1000.00. I tried to cancel my account only to hear that I had to give information that would open me up to ID theft. I never took another call from MYLES PETERSON.

On 21/16/14, a busy day for me, I was waiting for a call from a supplier for my hobby and answered the wrong call. JOHNNY GOLDSMITH convenienced me to try with him. From this point I will only use names, amounts, and dates.


12/16/14, $2000.00, JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
12/17/14 $1000.00 STANLEY CARBONE BONUS
12/22/14 $3000.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
12/22/14 $3000.00 SAMUEL CASIS BONUS
12/23/14 $1000.00 STANLEY CARBON
12/30/14 $1000.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
12/31/14 $1000.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
12/31/14 $3000.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
12/31/14 $4000.00 NO USER
01/05/15 $2500.00 SAMUEL CASIS BONUS
01/08/15 $12250.00 JENNY PIERCE BONUS
01/15/15 $2700.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
01/15/15 $2500.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
01/15/15 $2500.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
01/15/15 $2500.00 JOHNNY GOLDSMITH
01/15/15 $11200.00 SAMUEL CASIS BONUS
02/02/15 $6000.00 RANDALL SKEFFINGTON
02/09/15 $10000.00 RANDALL SKEFFINGTON
03/09/15 $2500.00 NO USER BONUS

BONUS, you have to turn each bonus 30 times before you can take any money out of your account.
FREE TRADES, you have to turn each free trade 40 times before you can take any of your money out of your account.

The Credit Card Company's fraud department, I pay for fraud portection, took my information, asked for paper work to support my claim, and only gave me 10 days to comply. LBinary was giver 45 days to reply to my claim. I suffered through months of this only to be told that i had lost my claim. I had to pay the whole amount.

Well, that's my story. I can some how prove my claim with my paperwork. If not I'll have to look at possible bankruptcy.
James McGinnis,
Indiana, USA,
Feb 11, 2015,

I decided to try trading binary options and decided to try trading with the minimum. I quickly found out that a Goerge, senior account manager was calling me alot and trying to get me to max out my credit card and see how much he could get out of me. I'm glad I didn't go for any or his deals. I told him to sent them to me in writing in an email. I just got back on and traded some tonight on my depleted account to see if I could salvage it doing the $5 60 second trades. I won 4 trades in a row and then went crazy after seeing the numbers change right after the trade closed and showed a loss with numbers marked up that were not the closing numbers. I feel lucky to have found the reviews and will just move on as I thought all along they were a scam.
New York, USA,
Feb 4, 2015,

LBinary Scam: How get your money back from LBinary

I did it, and want to share with others how it's done. LBinary has been actively engaged in an ongoing scam to delay or not pay out winnings (or even return initial deposits) to those unfortunate enough to get tangled in their web of fraud. Although this organization's mantra should read "You're here to loose, one way or another," you can recover your money and beat them at their own game.

The First Rule: You must be persistent and not give up. Don't bother with phone conversations. Email, chat and repeat. Take screen shots of your trades, account balances and withdrawal attempts. Even copy and paste chats into docs. Document everything, and keep your communication simple and to the point. Forget sending rambling messages about how they ruined your life or about how you're going to fly to Cyprus or Gibraltar and blow up their offices. First off they don't care, and at worst you can be accused of making terroristic threats - and that won't help your case. Besides, they aren't physically located at either one of those places.

Emails should be directed to customer service only. Make legitimate demands with deadlines and stick to them. If you get soft or lazy and don't follow through on a threat or deadline promised they will take advantage. Report them to the IC3 (google it), they mean business. If you have winnings, don't settle for just the return of your initial deposit. Demand all of it. One of their tactics is to wait about a month, and just send the deposit back. Well, I for one don't play that way.

After all your initial attempts have been stalled or ignored (IE: "we're having technical difficulties"; "resubmit the withdrawal"; "we're waiting on approval from your acct. manager"; etc...etc.) you must get ready to pull the trigger on a lawsuit. At this point somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks will have passed. Forex Peace Army provides contact information on an international law firm actively gathering victims for a class action lawsuit. Email the attorney with all the evidence you've gathered. Email LBinary notifying your intent to file suit if your funds are not received by your stated date. Don't go into details on who the attorney is, it's not necessary. When that deadline passes announce that it's now time to "pull the trigger" and there will be no more communication between you and LBinary. That'll motivate some slime-ball over there to call you, hurl some insults your way and finally release your money.

If this doesn't happen, go ahead and sign the legal paperwork and sue their asses off. LBinary is afraid of 2 things: having a government agency like the US CFTC after them, or a large well organized class action lawsuit by a law firm that can cross borders. I would bet that their days are numbered.

Good luck.
Robert Frost,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
Feb 3, 2015,

I joined LBinary on January, 20/2014. I started with $250 then I got a call from Stanley Carbone and he told me
I would never make any money unless I had at least $2000. I put in more money made a couple of trades and made
some money and got some small withdraws. Stanley Carbone would call or skype me every morning and help me with
trades and I would win some. And I would get a small withdraw. Stanley Carbone would work with me 5 days a week and
I was making some money. But Stanley would keep pushing to put more money in so I could make bigger withdraws. I
started to trust Stanley and I kept putting more money in. Stanley told me that if I had 100k all of my trades would be
100% insured. I had already had about got about 50k back and Stanley got me to get over 100k and I got a couple
more withdraws back to 64k Stanley would call with special deals. I had 183k in my account Stanley called and asked
if he could trade most of it I said yes Stanley put it all on long term Dec. 30/14. I had no money left to work with till the
trades on Dec. 30/14 came in. In September Stanley had a great deal he said give him 15k off my visa and in 7 days
I would double my money because they were 100% insured and he took it out of my visa. I tried to withdraw my 15k
and he would tell me he put it in for approval or he would cancel it..On Dec. 30/14/17.10 the trades were done I should
of had 314k Stanley put 195k in my account. I had a withdraw for 15k and I put another for 40k I went back to my account
and Stanley took over 195k as bonus and left me with 0.5 in my account. If you ever hear of LBinary or STANLEY CARBONE
RUN,RUN! Stanley took me for over 50k cash of my money not counting what I made in trades.

ID Date Amount Type Transaction Status Transaction Method Transaction Details
52793 17:56 30/12/14 $176925.00 Withdrawal approved Bonus
52792 17:55 30/12/14 $19000.00 Withdrawal approved Bonus
52780 17:11 30/12/14 $40000.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method
50487 23:48 09/12/14 $15000.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method
Ryno Ryan,
Pretoria, South Africa,
Dec 21, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Ryno Ryan vs lbinary.com | GUILTY
Stay away. Cancelling my withdraw requests. Not answering my emails. Calling me in trying to scam more funds. Had about six "account managers" the past month. Also tring to debit cards without permission..
Victoria, Australia,
Dec 3, 2014,

They're a COMPLETE SCAM! I have not received my withdraw for months, every time i contact support all they tell me is submit again and wait 7 days, and i've repeated what they said and its been over 2 month I've been going in loops! THIS ENDS NOW! NO, this is NOT some competitor leaving the review like all the brokers tell you:"oh the bad reviews is probably some competitors, THAT'S PURE BULLS***!", if you want u can add me on skype, my id is succeedwithpureleverage or email me at hopelessmailbinary@gmail.com and ill show you solid proof that they have not given me my money. OH AND I'M NOT A NEWBIE TO THIS GAME! I have VERIFIED my account AND did NOT take any bonus, they're just a scam, no excuses. I will be copying and pasting what i wrote above on several review sites to warn people about it. Any questions you can also hit me up on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/james.wang.18062533
Merseyside, United Kingdom,
Oct 7, 2014,

Hi folks
Ive recently posted a review of how he account manager at LBinary took my money without permission.
Now i am having trouble withdrawing money from th LBinary account ive been waiting over 2 weeks and keep getting fobbed off with different reasons.
Can anyone give me advice on how to get the money>

2014-10-03 1Star Hi
Very similar to other reviews i deposited £250 and immediatley received a call from a Jake Lewis telling me he would be able to make me £20000 a month i just said yeh yeh because ive heard it all before i mean why would he be working as a salesman if he could make me that type of money!!!
again as others have said he informed me there were big events happening the following day i said ok great he said can you add more money. I said no just use the money in my account.
little later i checked my bank account and he had taken nearly £1000 out in 2 attemps this was even over my overdaft limit therfore i incurred charges straight away.
i immediatley skyped him saying i wanted the money returned immediately hesaid that id agreed to this on the phone i said i never and asked if he had a tape recording of the conversation. He then said dont worry i will place 4 insured trades and the worst i can do is break even and the money would be returned the next morning.
3 of the 4 trades lost so i said i still ant the money back as promised as i needed it to pay direct debits that were due. He then sent me aform which was an authorisation to sign that i agreed to the withdrawal. He said it was for the insurance!! it was to relive him of any wrong doing so i never signed it. I informed my bank and they are investigating. There is still £440 in my account at LBinary and i have asked for a withdrawal of £180 as this would total the money i paid out. This was nearly 2 weeks ago and they keep fobbing me off saying it will be the next day.