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Updated: Nov 14, 2018
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1 · 13 REVIEWS
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North East, United Kingdom,
Apr 13, 2018,
Registered user

signals binary scammers

When I wanted to get into binary options trading I joined Signalsbinary thinking that they were a genuine organisation. I was encouraged to join some of their brokers who turned out to be unregulated scammers.
www.signalsbinary.com are thieving scum. They deserve to be shut down. Since those days I have learned a lot and recovered all the money that they stole from me, but they are really bad, bad people, telling lies and taking advantage. Stay away at all cost.
Newcastle, United Kingdom,
May 28, 2017,

This organisation is awful.

This organisation is awful. They will provide free signals if you sign up to their recommended brokers. The problem with that is that most of the brokers are unregulated and will not let you withdraw any money. Do your research first. Select a regulated broker and read reviews from others about them. Remember that some of the positive reviews are written by the brokers themselves. You can check IP addresses.
The signals they provide are pretty poor, with the very occasional reasonable day. There are much better places to get free signals (facebook) so don't sign up to them.
Signals binary have been told many times that the brokers they recommend are scampers but they keep on trying to get people to sign up to them. Any organisation that condones financial crime should be avoided and the authorities should just shut them down.
Zürich, Switzerland,
Apr 1, 2017,
Registered user

I agreed with other money lossers with this samers.Signal binary introduced 7 scam Brokers.and insisted to deposited with 7 scam brockers.and lost thousands of Dollars.after before one month Sean wilson send me a Scame broker That name is BTC Binary Trade Center.the account manager is Dann Reuss.he enterd through any desk software into my account.he Stolen my money $4200 infront of my eyes.what aday robbery? I informed to signal binary.no answer.the Signal Binary Generate the scam criminals.the SignalsBinary is satnding behind all Scamers.the SignalsBinary is satnding behind all Stupid Bastered Thieves.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Mar 24, 2017,
Registered user

SignalsBinary.com are there to generate customers for their scam brokers

STAY AWAY. At best, their signals only average a 50% winrate.
They are 'free', but force you to sign up with their listed brokers.
Their income is generated from referrals to their scam brokers.
2 of the brokers they pushed me onto, traded all my funds with a robot without my knowledge. (Tropical Trade & Binary Uno)
2 of the brokers just ignored emails, and wouldn't refund me.
InhouseTrade is still on their list of trusted brokers, despite giving them proof that they are a scam. They have made no effort to try resolve the problem they caused.
SignalsBinary.com is like a dating agency that fixes you up with known rapists.
Kosice, Slovakia,
Mar 9, 2017,
Registered user

Big Scammers

This are bastard scammers.They have false results in their performance.First will they ask you to open account with their Binary brokers and deposit money.Than they will sending you signals which destroy your account.
Oct 30, 2016,
Registered user

Please stay away!

I agree with other reviewers. I signed up just to check their signals on my demo account and found out that they are not honest about the results shown on site. And 'trusted' brokers they require to deposit money are just a nightmare - I only could get withdrawal from one out of three so far.
Tong Tang,
Brisbane, Australia,
May 16, 2016,

Signals binary are a complete SCAM and only interested in signing you up to unregistered brokers to claim their commission. They falsely claim massive profits month after month and back it up with their dodgy results. Sure the results they publish are real, but they purposely omit to publish 6 out of the 18 trades every day. No surprise here but just about all the trades they didn't publish were losers. Check out the 10 May published results. Shows 7 winners from 12 trades which is marginally above break even, but the 6 trades they didn't publish all lost so a real result of 7 out of 18 trades is a massive $8265 loss compared to their claim of $735 profit for the day. In short useless signals, dishonest claims, it's a SCAM!
Bundaberg, Australia,
Apr 7, 2016,

Agree with the previous reviewers. They came highly recommended but but have been rubbish so far.

Got a trial taking the power signals early in the year, and they had a good consistency but since i signed up, out of the 2 signals per day, they have rarely won.

Was taking the AU/NZ signals but they were barely breaking even, so asked to be changed over to the European signals so i could try the stock signals - going by the results page on their website it looked good. Won the first night, but last night stocks were 1-7, power signals 0-2.

As i had to sign up with unregulated brokers to get their service, i now need to see if i can get my deposits back.

Overall, a disappointing and poor service.
The Coyote,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Mar 14, 2016,

As previously said, their signals rarely hit the right result and they lie about the results.The power signals are the worst. It's a coin flip each day but they always class them as a win. Rubbish.
Canada, Canada,
Jan 29, 2016,

Absolutely rubbish service. Their signals have a very low success rate (less than 50%) and they provide fake results on their results page. THIS IS 100% SCAM.