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Updated: Nov 11, 2016
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CAUTION:  There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against BinaryMatrixPro.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company unless this issue can be resolved.


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2014-0602014-03-19Szendro vs BinaryMatrixpro.comguilty


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, United Kingdom,
Apr 23, 2014,

I opened an account with Banc de Binary (as one of the Binary Matrix Pro "preferred" brokers) and funded it with 250 Euros. I got the all-too familiar follow-up calls and emails offering me bonuses, etc., all of which I declined because I'd already read on FPA and elsewhere about the turnover requirements these introductory offers lock you into.

Over the last week or so I've used Binary Matrix Pro signals to place 90 entries. My success rate is 41.67%. The claimed success rate is 70% - 80%.

The social reporting feature is automated and fraudulent; it is in no way connected to any input on the user's part.

Binary Matrix Pro is a complete scam which should be avoided at all costs.
Budapest, Hungary,
Mar 19, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Szendro vs BinaryMatrixpro.com | GUILTY
Fraudulent site with fraudulent social reporting and fradulent published win rates and fraudulent proofing site
, United Kingdom,
Mar 18, 2014,

Binary Matrix Pro I suspect is a re-invention of the failed profitin60seconds software initiative, I say that because of the originating site domains and a cross over of the content of emails which seem to come from the same source.

Binary Matrix Pro is a brilliant invention but from my experience a total failure. The concept of social reporting is so believable that you have to try the damn stuff just to clear the decks in your own mind. Essentially I trialled this software on a demo account and on a live account. Both trading sessions produced losing trades 60% of the time. It could be down to my errors in execution - I am not a winning trader, so I have no intrinsic authority to say I know what I am doing - so I am just reporting my experience and my personal perceptions. Since I have lost money from unscrupulous trading sites in the past I have approached this experimentation with Binarymatrixpro with great care. Successive emails goad you into registering and depositing a minimum amount of money to activate the account. For this you are then compensated with the software and enough signals coming out it for at least a couple of months. I tried the signals firstly on my demo account with Citrades. I lost 60% of the time, but the social reporting that is driven by voluntary action by the trader contradicts my results showing all reports to have resulted in a 85% to 95%. I found so many instances when I couldn't believe the social reporting as accurate. My strike points on so many of the trades which went against the signal recommendation were far beyond the end result - too far to have produced a social reporting that 95% of the online traders had actually won the trade that I lost. And also, consistently every half an hour I would find myself winning a trade, that everyone had lost, which was also most unbelievable because of the pip distance between my strike point and end result. There was no way to check the so-called social reporting and I suspect that this is computer generated with a fixed curve to produce a believable pattern of results to the point where you start to think that it must be something I am doing wrong. This is why I tested the software out on live trading as well. I was willing to trial it on la live account because I was given an unrestricted bonus for leverage purposes from Optionrally. But I just used the funding they gave me to support my experimental trades on the site which still lost at a rate of 60%.. After ten hours I gave up. 60% of the time I was losing and the social reporting said everyone was winning. I tried to contact an account manager at binarymatrixpro through a profile they had inbuilt in the software generator - but sadly every time I tried to submit my request for help the software generated a "communication! error. So I haven't really been able to speak to anyone about it.
But now I am beginning to sense there is a game in all of this "get our amazing software for free when you fund a new account with this broker". Essentially the first thing all the personal on the trading platform do is deny how to work the software - its not theirs, the external software producers just want to use their site - its not part of their customer care remit - its a necessary evil to get people begin liaise with the sales teams connected to the platform host. All during the time I was recruited to the platform so I could trial this suff, I was being hammered to forget my interest in that software and try some of the platforms own software. The platform providers begin to sew he seeds of discontent even before you get started - so by the time you really have got fed up with the software not working - they then start to persuade you to invest more money and do their courses. Eventually because you have been ensnared by a software that doesn't work you are an easy target fo a sympathetic sounding broker who is going to throw you a lifeline. All of it is a bit of a timewasting exercise.