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Updated: Nov 18, 2018
4.215 · 17 REVIEWS
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PreferForex.com profile provided by Peter, Jun 15, 2018

PreferForex is a Leading Forex Trading Signals Provider since 2013. Having Financial Market Expert Team who Analyze Market In technical, fundamental and other related aspects. We keep honesty, integrity in any circumstances. We show all or our forex signals performance, whatever its profit of loss. Consistence profit is a vital Key to be a successful trader that we maintain. PreferForex also provide some advance technical analysis, trading tips for FREE.
After successfully providing forex Signal for 5 years, we have finally started Trade Copier service which is the most desirable service for our members. Our signals is now directly copied to our clients account with advance trade copy system, no partial closing or multiple tps here. All trading performances are verified by MyfxBook with a real / live account.

Contact Us for any inquiry or suggestion https://www.preferforex.com/contact-us

Visit our Home Page https://www.preferforex.com


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4.215 · 17 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Aug 8, 2017,

Have been a member of PreferForex for about 2 years and satisfied with their overall long term performance, Works perfectly with my trade management strategy as there is now only 2 TP levels, There have been few monthly losses but still profitable in the longterm.
Customer service is fast in response. Performance page has always been 100 real pip results.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 4, 2017,

Pips not same as $ return!

Be Aware: Pips results are totally different than $ results in your account. They use TP2 to enhance there overall pips for the month but in your account the result is not the same since the majority of your position 60% is exited at TP1. I had a long conversation with them and I proved them right! There claim was they care about total pips and not total $ return! Really?! Dah!!! They refunded me just to shut up!
Reply by Peter submitted May 24, 2017:
Thanks for your review. First of all I can’t recognize you as our customer. Anyway, we use two tps for the better use of a signal and we close 60% of position of first tp to get a quick profit and secure the position by setting sl at entry then let the trade run for 2nd tp. It’s true that the total pips of a signal is not the equal to the $ due to partial closing, spread or slippage but we provide guaranteed pips to cover everything and serving thousands of happy customer. We have also clearly stated this matter in our website. We never says that we don’t care $ as forex is the business of making $, but a signal provider we can only count the pips as it’s not a fund management service. If the market moves 100 pips no one can say its move less than 100 pips. Earning money can be different as here involve some factors. I hope you got the point.

F. Ryan,
Nov 4, 2016,

I subscribed to PreferForex Signal Service in October last, with a very low expectation of any kind of improvement in my forex trading. I have been looking for a reliable Forex Signals Service Provider for a long time without any success. Every Provider that I tried had a magnificent advertisement on the internet, promising outstanding results that never materialised. However, that all changed with PreferForex. In the 3 weeks that I have used this service, I have made a steady profit each week. The support offered is excellent and queries are dealt with very quickly. Peter the Manager is very helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending forex traders to avail of the services of this first class company.
Paul Collier,
, United Kingdom,
Jun 3, 2016,

I've been a member for a couple of months and very impressed with results so far. Peter is very helpful at answering any questions and the trade signals are sent by email and SMS and updates provided as the trades progress. I've tried a lot of different services over the years and Prefer Forex looking like the real deal !
Houston, USA,
Apr 15, 2016,

Though I only signed up for the trial period so far, I definitely love the result. You won't win every trade but the overall performance is solid. I made 100+ pips in a week. Peter provides great customer service. He will answer your question promptly. I highly recommend their trade alert service to anyone who is interested in trading forex. Thanks.
Bandung, Indonesia,
Feb 16, 2016,

I am using the service for several months. Great service and customer support, though I expect live chat support beside email support. They mostly send pending order and I love their long term pending which works for me well. So per I have found them professional in service.
Constanta, Romania,
Jan 4, 2016,

I have been with Prefer-Forex from July 2015 ! First thing there price is very good . The service is good , with messages on your mobile phone and email there were some typo mistakes from time to time .
Now with there Take Profit strategy , i WOULD highly recommend them to place only 2 Take profits , that would stop people from complaining about the real results . They update there website with the performances 100% REAL .
This service is 100% the real deal , they have a guarantee in the FOREX market ( CRAZY ) , if they finish the month on minus they update your membership until they reach the intended guarantee ............... The DOWNSIDE : you must have a PC at your disposal , and check your email for any updates on the order , the updates of the order are not send by msg on phone ( understandable ) basically if you wok from home this is PERFECT for you .
Keep in mind when they lost -356 pips in August i lost the profit for 2 months with them . That is why i am saying that they need to implement Take Profit for only 2 targets .
And yes there will be losing months because with every strategy in the Forex Market there will be times when it will not work , unless you are Warren Buffet :)
Reply by Peter submitted Feb 19, 2016:
Hi Tudor, Thanks for your review. One thing you forgot to mention that you have many days extra along with other members to cover the losses that you have mentioned and back in profit. We send signal on specific time duration of a day and most of are pending order. Regarding tp management, members have the freedom to use any method what is good for him. Yes, as we are trading on forex market we have to pass curtail time but to back in profit need consistency and hope you have found this on Preferforex. Finally, thanks for your trust on Preferforex that you have showed by joining again with 3 months membership. Regards Peter Preferforex.com
Karol Przybylak,
Wrocław , Poland,
Dec 27, 2015,

I am using their service for nearly 3 months, getting overall very good and professional service. Though they have some losses in October, they extended my membership and covered up the losses. Facing a bit problem to manage trade with them but i am using mine and getting good result. They show all of their signals result in their website that feels good to me.
Maarten Wilbers,
, Netherlands,
Nov 3, 2015,

Dear Mr. Peter,

You are constantly accusing people who argue your results of trying to bring you down. But I am a member, and still am. And tried and tried again with new money. I did use your system as described in your user manual, but perhaps I'm not explaining correctly. If you calculate in pips, your results per month could always be okay, but if you calculate in money invested, there are simply not.

2015-09-07 2Star I have used the service for about four months now and cleaned my account out for about 70%. Taking every trade since then and used the method TP1 60%, TP2 20% and TP3 20% closing as was advised by the service in the sent user manual. But though most months are positive calculated in pips, the r/w ratio is far negative. Why? Because the pips at TP2 and TP3 add to the result in full pips, but in real money is only 40% of the investment at TP2 and only 20% of the investment at TP3. I think the statistics would be more accurate and honest if a r/w ratio was published too, but guess the overall result would be negative, just as the equity of my trading account I use for this signal.

Nonetheless it could be your system of trading worked in the years before I got on, but it sure does not since. And no, I am not an experienced trader, else I would have done this myself with only myself to blame.

Added by Peter on 2015-09-10
Content: Thanks for reviewing us.
But your all information and logic are incorrect. So we are giving here details description

The month of August 15 was bad for us that we have never experienced before. Most expert also experience multiple loosing month in a year. This is the first time in 3.5 years of forex signals service that we have got negative month. But we are covering the losses and extend free membership for our monthly subscriber until the cover up losses.

You said you are using our service near 4 months. Can I ask you why you didn’t stop using our service after 1st month if you think it’s not good? You said you loss 70%, but that is unbelievable and illogical. Only an inexperience trader can say this or if anyone have any bad intention to down our reputation. Calculation of equity has given at below.

You said 40% of real money at tp2 and 20% of tp3 which is completely your wrong calculation. Now I am suspecting are you our member or not? Because at TP2 we close total 80% of lot (60% at tp1+20% at tp2) and tp3 we close total 100% of a trade. But you said it completely wrong or you misunderstand this.

We have mentioned in our website several times and in our guide also that the pips that is showing in our performance page is not same when you applied it in your platform because it involve lot size, partial closing, spread, slippage and others brokers issue. We show 1 pip is equal 1 pip, but you will get it in terms of money in your terminal.

Let’s calculate the result from July-15 till today 10th September, as you are saying 4 months
We suggest two trade management method 1) multiple method 2) single method

Let’s calculate it only for multiple method as you said for it.


Trade1 +16.2 + 9.4+13.4=+39
Trade2 +15
Trade3 +14.4+8.8+12.8=+36
Trade4 -27
Trade5 -25
Trade6 +17.4
Trade7 + 15+9=+24
Trade8 -25
Trade9 +15
Trade10 +15+9+11=+35
Trade11 + 18+10.4+14.4=42.4
Trade12 -25
Trade13 -24
Trade14 +17.4

Total +115.5 pips

Trade1 +15
Trade2 -23
Trade3 -24
Trade4 +25.2+14.4+20.4=+60
Trade5 -51
Trade6 -49
Trade7 -27
Trade8 +15
Trade9 +22.2
Trade10 -36
Trade11 -21
Trade12 + 15+9+13=+37
Trade13 +13.2+8.4+11.4=+33
Trade14 + 27+16+22=+65
Trade15 + 12+8+12=+32
Trade16 +27.6+15.2+19.2=+62

Total +110.2 pips

In august, it’s a bad moth where the loss was -356pips

September (till 10th)

Trade1 + 16.8
Trade2 -25
Trade3 + 16.2+9.4+13.4=+39
Trade4 -32
Trade5 +22.2+11.4=+33.6
Trade6 +15

Total +47.4 pips

110.2+115.5-356+47.4= -82.9

So you are in -82.9 pips loss, As our average Stop loss is around 30 pips so 82 pips should be on 3 traders
As we suggest 3% risk per trade you should be maximum 9% loss where you said 70% of loss which is very illogical and can never be possible.
The loss is usual if forex market, sometime we have to loss, no one can 100% correct all time. Previously we had to also some losses but covered up as usual. Moreover we have extended free membership with all facilities until the cover up the loss.

So before making review one can check and look back himself if he is correct or not and he needs to think twice what he is saying.


Review Moderation Team Note: There's an easy way to end disputes over performance. Sign up for the FPA's Performance Testing program.
Reply by Peter submitted Nov 18, 2015:
Hello, Yes, that I have said several times in here and also in our website that pips gaining can't be same as money making since here involve partial closing, spread, slippage by brokers and others terms. But as usual in terms of signals / trade alert we see only PIPs. To make money from a trade it?s not needed to grab all the pips. If a trader can makes half of that we are giving which will be enough to make constant profit. After getting one month service you have subscribe our 3 months package and as of today you are having 67 days extra free signals to fulfill our guaranteed pips.
Minh Vu,
Zlin, Czech Republic,
Sep 16, 2015,

Dear Mr.Peter,

You said that with $10000 you can earn 10% and with $1000 you can also earn the same return. It it so true. In 2015 till now, you can earn around $100 with $1000 (0.1 lot). But if you all traders consider the cost for this signal ($90 each month include VAT), the results is $100 - $810 (fee for signal) = ?

This guy named Peter had conservation with me through email and I am sure that he is not trader, rather, just a business man. He is so rude and if you need I can show you the conservation. With the first two months of my calculation, It made by my mistakes but the result did not change much. If you interested in my calculation, you can contact me through email:fantancychat1990@gmail.com.

2015-09-10 Average performance if you have more than 10000 USD but bad if you have less than that.!
First, I have not used this signal service. Actually, I am searching for Forex signal then I came to this service. I almost subscribe for it but in the last second I decided to do a small research about the performance of this service.

After a quite simple but not too simple calculation, I come to the conclusion "Average performance if you have more than 10,000 USD but bad if you have less than that!" for nine month of 2015. This conclusion is for first nine month of 2015. For this period, if you trade less than 0.5 lot for every trade and multiple take profit or single take profit, you will be loss in total if you subtract the cost of 90 USD for each month ( ex. 0.1 lot, you lost -692 USD; 0.2 lot you lost -503, ...). And the largest loss for one month if you trade 0.5 lot is -2000 USD. So I think you should hav more than 10000 USD to trade this signal to earn average performance in 2015 so far. Trading 1 lot, you will earn 1000 USD for nine month (10% with 10000 USD).

So, It's not a good performance for this first nine month 2015. But without loss like August it will be better then become good signal. So the important things are that you need more than 10000 USD and luck to not have serious negative result like in August.

And I think the signal provider should not report the performance in pips like this because it really misleads very much. Pips not equal to return clearly!

Rebuttal: Added by Peter on 2015-09-16
I have nothing to defend here, you are not our customer, you don’t know our money management, you don’t our trade management rule, you don’t know our risk factor on a trade, and you don’t know how we select the lot of a trade according to the balance and trade type. Without knowing all of these commenting about a service is just a madly activity. Nobody can blame any company by his whim. We are suspecting you are the one who want to down our reputation intentionally

You said you believe that you can make profit from $10,000 by our signal but you can’t make profit from $1,000 even you will make loss from $1,000. Is there any LOGIC here??

If the deposit is smaller then the profit portion will be smaller. Say, for a month if anybody can make profit $500 with $10,000 balance the profit is $50 for $1,000 balance. As you believe you can make profit from $10000 by our signals

Fortunately, this person contacted with our support and when our support ask him to show the logic of this calculation then he sent this excel file which is here > http://prntscr.com/8gzitt

I am just telling here for a month only which is marked as red box where he is showing -85.25 pips or -148.45 pips loss, but it was a very profitable month, the performance page is here. > https://www.preferforex.com/forex-signals-performance-january-2015
He is showing the cost which has no value and also he is increasing the lot but we never suggest any method to increase the lot.

Reply by Peter submitted Sep 25, 2015:
Hi, So per I understand your all problem is for low deposit and subscription fee ($75) and Govt. VAT (for EU online shopper) where we have nothing to do with these issues. If you think you can earn good money with our signal by good deposit, then deposit more and earn more. You need to open review and mislead others that waste our time also. We know and you also AGREED that our signal can generate PROFIT and that is only concern for a forex trader which is certainly worth of good review. When you agreed you can generate profit with good deposit then deposit more, what is your complain and why this worthless argument!! Our signal is not for only small depositor like you, we have clients having 1k to100k deposit. Yea the profit will be low with the lower deposit though your profit calculation was not correct that I have showed in the first comment. Because of august our last 7 months performance of 2015 has been affected, this is the only one negative month in our 3+ years of service. So, it can be considered as a rare case. Moreover, to cover up this we have extended free membership and we are covering also. In all previous year we have made a good amount of profit and have no negative month like august-15. All signals performance here >> https://goo.gl/7GhNdA Please note that no qualitative signal provider give you free signal. And no signal provider shows you the performance by deducting your cost and Govt VAT. If fee is a problem for you as you cant make money after deducting the fee than you can go for others provider, its not such that all traders needs to join us. Forex should not be taken as hype and nobody can be rich by depositing a few amounts. Big fund Management Company also is making 1-2% per month. Hope you have understood the whole matter well and closed it. Regards, Peter https://www.preferforex.com Review Moderation Team Note: If either side wishes to continue this debate, please use the forums discussion thread linked from this page,.