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4.028 • 23 REVIEWS

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Dublin, Ireland,
Apr 12, 2018,
Registered user


Collection of articles from other freely available sources, no structure, zero evidence of profitability, Iff himself is a self confused failure at trading, why anyone would even consider this charlatan is beyond me, AVOID he will just waste months of your time....oh but do read "The Fund" it will give you a laugh, my 10 year old could have done better.
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Mar 14, 2018,
Registered user

Perfect place to start your journey of trading

Even though English is not my strong suit, i'll give this review a shot and be brief:

2 years of being mediocre at trading, using conventional tools, SD, Indis TLs etc,
ifelt like a drunk pilot dizzy all the time without any direction, and no structure,
While searching for the holy grail, I stumbled upon some golden nuggets left by the great RS11, wich then led me directly to RTM where i found the struture i needed and also the help from RTMers,
RTM wants you to learn how to not be deceived by market movers, and understand how price moves,
RTM is a journey, not a quick get rich shceme, and you'll need massive (hundreds or thousands hr) amount of efforts+work to digest everything and understand the market
>For the info ive been in the site for 9 months and i'm there to stay
sorry for my lame english
London, United Kingdom,
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

Best trading school (not for the lazy)

I have been reading. leaning and trying different methods for the last 10 years. RTM is the only one that can teach something that makes sense, price action ( it is much more than simply supply and demand). Yes it is not easy, takes time and efforts. A lot. But I don't think anything valuable in this world can be obtained without dedication. It was free before which is just incredible and now it is a subscription which is totally normal. And the price is absolutely fair. I have never, ever been able to say... hum, this is c***, not reliable, can work sometimes but...... It always works when you are able to read the price. Traders there are posting fantastic trades every day. And they are able to explain what they are doing. If you missed your trade you can get explanations, why it failed, was it a good idea and why... to the pip. You will always have a perfectly valid explanation. No c*** " oh... it was the news you know" or " the FOMC was less bullish than expected"stuff. I don't want to recommend it because I don't want to share it. I think this sums it up.
Paris, France,
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

RTM is the way, a rough way. Question is: are you ready to walk?

I registered RTM in 2015, and then subscribed to the new RTM in March 2017. Previously, i had subscribed to some other sites (trend traders methods mostly). But in the end, the only valuable knowledge i learnt about trading, i learnt it from RTM.
The value of the concepts in there is indubitable. Some people might want to contest that, but they are generally the one that tell you that RTM is supply & Demand, which proves they just don't get the essence of RTM at all. There is indeed some S&D principles embedded in the RTM concepts, but this is just a small part of it.
The subscription gives you access to some theoretical material, which you have to learn, and it will take a lot of time to complete that task. Then the natural next step is to get involved into the forum, create a journal of you own and start scratching your head to really understand the material. Peoples do try to help each other in the forum. I read in some older reviews that some people complain about the fact that some non master people car chime in and it can be disturbing. It can indeed happen, nothing can prevent that, but there are also a lot of people who know their stuff and help out. Forum founder (IF) also input a lot of energy everyday to read, answer questions and give some hints. And this is the spirit of RTM, which many people don't understand: if someone comes with an hypothesis to you and it seems to makes some sense, then take it as an hypothesis, and do the inquiry into your charts.
It brings me to the most important point about RTM. RTM isn't a trading system, this is not something you can pay for and apply right away in the charts. RTM is a set of ingredients, and a recipe, but like for cooking, the role of the chef is crucial. It takes years of experience to learn that role, it's made of technical skills, but it's also made of confidence and mental mechanics that just can't be set up in two days in you mind.
I see RTM as an incubator. Paying for some incubator services doens't guarantees success, it guarantees that you have a favorable environment to grow as a trader. But the hard part is on you, and you only. Becoming a trader is a very rough path, and it can't be otherwise.
RTM was free at it's begginning, which made some people think it has no value. It's wrong, these concepts have value, and it's absolutely logical to pay a price for the material. I won't argue too long with peoples who write in two lines that the site isn't worth the money, this is a matter of perception, but i'll just say that i think it's worth it.
I just won't mention those people who say that RTM is a scam, there is nothing to say to that, this is the kind of situation where intellectual dishonesty just makes you speechless.
Some earlier reviews talks about 'following a guru'... I guess it implies that Ifmyante is the guru. I do agree that RTM path is so hard that at some point it requires some 'faith'. But speaking for me, i follow no guru, i follow a guy who made me able to see some light behind the curtain. My faith isn't based on some cosmic revelation, it's based on some trades i took thanks to what i learn at RTM, and that are so precise that they can't be a coincidence.
RTM is the only way, i'm convinced of that. A rough way. The question you have to ask yourself is: are you ready to walk a long time? If yes, then subscribe it's worth it. If no, then try something else, maybe it'll work better for you.
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

Great challenge, lovely community.

I just started trading the forex market about half a year ago. For the past few years, I thought of the market as scary and completely unpredictable, either making you tremendous amounts of money, or taking precisely that away from you.

What RTM gives you is quite a detailed insight in the market. All different aspects of the market and the way it moves, are explained to you. Both in writing and in webinars. You do have to put in the effort to understand all teachings though but that makes it a challenge and I feel like that's a good thing. You're not being handed a golden egg, you have to make sure you feel one with the market otherwise you won't get it. For me, it still is a bit of a scary place but you can really see what is being taught and you see for yourself that it works. Put in the hours and take enough time off to make it all sink in and get it working for you.

I'd easily recommend this course to anyone who is willing to put in the hours and is up for a challenge.
United Kingdom,
Dec 19, 2017,

RTM is good place to start your trading journey, but charging a fee and not understanding how to teach or organise a course is where it goes left. There are quite a few changes in the way and on quite a few instances IF expected traders to know the criteria has changed. The courses are not organised or comprehensive enough, I've watch the course over and over and get more confused, I have spent days on end charting, started a journal to try explain what I'm thinking and questions answered, but it is hard when someone that is not an expert (with good intentions) chimes in not really answering your question.

So I'm in a bit of a quandary of how things are run over at RTM. IF needs money to run RTM (I slightly understand), but this is someone who has mastered the "money" market. I guess what I am saying is that I am disappointed, as I know RTM can work.
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Austin, TX, USA,
Dec 19, 2017,
Registered user

Well worth it for the dedicated

I have paid for memberships over the years to many different trading education sites and forums. A few were straight up junk and a few were decent, but nothing like RTM. From my experience you can make a highly accurate estimation about the quality of a trading site based on some common traits:

*** Junk ***
These sites normally have active(ish) gurus. These sites tend to always be adding some new sizzle-- a new expert advisor, combined volume indicator, currency strength slope indicator, or adding something as a filter to xyz system which was already great to make it even better! They teach methods or systems but there is always a subjective reason why xyz system didn't work for a particular trade -- "The trade wasn't taken during the right session...The market was consolidating...It was during news...etc" Gurus regularly show winning trades but the paying members struggle to produce good results consistently. When asked about a planned trade in the future, the gurus normally will give vague answers like price is going to drop soon but it will go higher longer term. Or they will make a trade call but leave out important details like SL or TP placement. Later after the trade is finished they reference it proudly if it was a winner. But if it was a loser, they explain that they bailed early when it was obvious the market wasn't right. However they always seem to forget to communicate that part to anyone copying their trade.

*** Decent ***
These sites tend to have active communities of loyal members; however, the main guru(s) are glaringly absent. Most of these sites teach principals with some similarities to RTM but with different names. For example, Price Pivot Zones versus RTM's Swap Zones, 3 Drive versus Market Circle, or Upthrust versus Fake Out. They normally teach good general principles like don't trade during news or only trade around the edges of zones with tight stop losses. Their forums contain trading systems / methods which can be profitable assuming strict money management. Sadly, these systems never generate high enough returns to allow most novices to overcome their shortcomings on the path to profitably. Because the main guru(s) are not present, it becomes a situation of the blind leading the blind. There is good basic education to be found in these forums, but it is incredibly rare to find someone who trades professionally full time as his income from what he learned on the site.

*** RTM ***
RTM is a different kind of breed. It is built around the idea that to teach something you need to truly understand it. So new members are given homework and more senior regular members are asked to comment and help correct it. When new member asks questions like a "decent site" a more senior member will answer the question. However and so important, IF (Main Guru) is on the forum daily. IF not only is active but steps in to correct the answers more senior members give if we are wrong. So RTM is not the blind leading the blind.

RTM teaches concepts that do overlap with some decent sites; however they teach other things that are only found at RTM and tie everything together so that it works from tick charts to monthly. Another huge thing that RTM has which is so rare --- long term profitable membership paying members! The gurus take great trades but so do regular members. There are more winning trades posted by the members than gurus. IF and others like to post charts on Facebook where they or a RTM member caught a 20R trade because the stop loss was tiny. Those trades are not bullshit. RTM is not easy to digest. Some of the concepts are foreign to what we learn other places. But it is real. A regular member seems to catch a 10 - 40 R trade every day or so. These aren't the gurus only like the "junk" sites. Last thing that makes RTM very different is that these trades have SL, TP and limit orders. You can trade during news, any session, any time frame. If your trade fails there is a specific reason that fits into the RTM teaching like not waiting for an engulf of a flag limit.

If you are like me and have spent years and thousands on trading education, you should try RTM. Signing up will not guarantee your success, the homework and concepts are difficult. This means many people will give up to pursue the "holy grail." However, for the dedicated who are well on their way to the necessary 10,000 hours to master a subject, you need to join RTM. I am sickened that I spent my first 6 years trying so hard when RTM was here with solutions to deliver on the dream all retail traders share.
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Manchester, United Kingdom,
May 22, 2017,

Not good.

They built up a free site using other peoples knowledge and encouraging everyone to help each other and built a community. Once the numbers were big enough they shut us out and asked for a fee. Very poor way of doing things and there's nothing new there.
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Manuel Rogge
Berlin, Germany,
Apr 19, 2017,

Stay away, not worth!

Keep following the guru and the masters who know everything about the market.
Only they have the truth and found the secret key to explain every turn in price.

It was fun when at the beginning but now it is clearly a scam operation to take your money.
Feb 15, 2017,
Registered user

RTM- not woth the money

Not worth the money they are asking now. If you break it down, it is all supply and demand. They act like they have a special way of doing it. The info is not organized either. Just like all the other supposed gurus, charging now.

Feb 14, 2017 - 1 Star Rip off. Now charge a fortune. Not worth what they charge.
It is all supply and demand. You can find this stuff for free.
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