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Updated: May 19, 2017
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Melbourne , Australia,
Jun 26, 2016,

Don't bother.. Tried for a week and wasted $10US on doing so... Emails are late.. Website is late with postings... Both so call updates always 10-15 pips behind after entry has started.. There is just no heads up.. Waste of time
Emmanuel ,
Canterbury, New Zealand,
Jun 30, 2015,

I signed up to ForexPipsSignal.com about a couple of months ago. After quickly realizing how they operation works I requested a refund but never received one. Since I signed up for the 3 months premium service I was locked in till the end. It often complained about their services and was reassured to keep trusting their system which I did but it does not work. I sense that this service is a scam and urge Forex Peace Army to investigate. I send them a final e-mail a few day ago and received this reply:

" Dear
Thanks For Mail,

Thanks for your opinion .Our any package are not auto renewable .

And we give you one more information we are already active our
one entry and one exit signals service .we request you please visit
www.fxtds.com for our one exit signals and our SMS signals service.

Thank You
Best regards, from www.forexpipssignal.com
Customer Support Department
All email may be reviewed by authorized personnel,
and may be provided to regulatory authorities
or others with a legal right to access such
information,in accordance with our terms and FAQ ."

Yes this type of response is typical and from what I could make up from their e-mail is that they wanted me to join another signal provider called Forex Trading Signals. It could even be another scam or even the same people. I'll be happy to provide Forex Peace Army representatives with the details of my e-mails as well as all signal received which I kept in a folder in my e-mail address.
Milan, Italy,
Oct 18, 2014,

It's ridicolous, he send a signal then he close for 15 pips it but if trade goes better (ex: to +25 pips) he send a mail claiming a gain of 25 pips. If the trade reverse he claim the 15 pips as he said before.
This way he never lose, but you follower don't know when to close and you lose money.