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Updated: Oct 9, 2018
3.143 · 10 REVIEWS
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The BumbleBeeFX MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor.  The Bumble Bee FX automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on live accounts by the Forex Peace Army.  The BumbleBeeFX.com forex robot doesn't use martingle and grid.


Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
BumbleBeeFX 1.3+22.2723.9+12,108.9
BumbleBeeFX Pro+44.167.5+1,453.37

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3.143 · 10 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Moscow, Russian Federation,
Sep 27, 2018,
Registered user

Hurrah. A new version of Bumblebee has been released. I was upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0. The robot has been working for three weeks. Get free DATAFEED FROM Lmax Exchange, Rithmic, Saxo Bank. Everything works great. So I advise you to buy only on the official website. Without a license you will not have DATAFEED
Diego Dos Santos Machado,
sao paulo, Brazil,
Nov 29, 2015,

EA producers say that those who buy and would have lifetime updates, today and is stopped, ready to be sold new version and the old buyers do not teraão right, what is it, bastards, crooks, who one day decide to stop your and again and sell you something that already have
Alex Schmidt,
Miami, USA,
May 30, 2015,

To All who reading this posts on FPA.
Many Traders been scammed by Fake BumbleBeeFX via Skype and coming back to us and asking for a refunds or licensing. We cannot issue license for scam product !
Please make sure you purchased directly from original website to receive a full support and EA.
We provide an EA not a Broker and cannot answer for any Brokers behavior!
For those who have a problems with purchasing or licensing please contact us directly on original website.
india, India,
May 11, 2015,

Scam Alert - Dear BB Friends please careful not to buy from some person using a skype id. He is not official seller of EA and he is offering NEW fake version of Ea in 40 % and 50 % and scamming you please don't be victim please go trough real Bumblebee website and real support and pay bay paypal only Thanks Regards
Minneapolis, USA,
May 11, 2015,

I paid for this EA April 15, 2015. The manual came immediately but no EA. After email reminders I was told to use Skype and received the EA. Installed with no problem according to the directions. April 29 I generated the serial number request code and sent it, receiving an automatic response and request for payment information. I have now sent payment info twice and code 5 times, plus mutilple emails and Skype requests for the serial number or a refund. May 11 and I don't have either one. My money is gone and I doubt that I will get the serial number or a refund.
Sydney, Australia,
May 8, 2015,

I wish FPA would remove this EA from its review section. Absolute rubbish. I had to formally request a refund through PayPal and go through a lot of c*** just to get my money back after I found out that LMAX isn't supported in my country (a requirement that was promised would be fixed for 2 months but never eventuated). STAY AWAY FROM THIS EA - and FPA - remove this scamming rubbish product of an EA from your site before anyone else gets ripped off.

Review Moderation Team Note: If you have evidence of a scam, please post all the details in the Scam Alerts Folder.
, Malaysia,
Mar 18, 2015,

I buy this robot, pay and nothing respond from us... I think I loss my money... pay but dont get the EA until now.. since 2 days ago :(
Forex Trader,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 5, 2015,

Comm100 Live Chat - Chat Window ×

Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator USGFX has joined the chat.
USGFX4:56:51 PM
Dear Andy, thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
Andy4:57:00 PM
Operator USGFX-EN has joined the chat.
Andy4:57:13 PM
Do you allow aclping?
4:57:20 PM
scalping ?
4:58:36 PM
are you there ?
USGFX4:59:25 PM
What is your account number?
Andy4:59:48 PM
i do not have any account with you yet
4:59:53 PM
just asking ?
USGFX5:03:19 PM
We will allow scalping in the future.
Andy5:04:05 PM
Thanks bye

Ziya, after seeing your review, i had a chat with them where thy confirming that scalping is allowed in future. They had no business to close your account which shows that they do not care about customers. So leave a review on FPA USGFX demanding for your withdrawal of your profit. If they can allow scalping in future thy very well can now as well.
This shows they are not worth of a broker.

Feb 28, 2015,

I have been using Bumblebee with an Australian Broker called USGFX. It works well and my $500/- account grew to $67000/- in a matter of 45 days.
When I wanted to withdraw the money, Broker DENIED all my winning saying that the method of trading is SCALPING (trades are placed for few seconds) and they don'y permit it. USGFX disabled my account and willing to return my INITIAL deposit only.
So the conclusion is; even if the EA is EXCELLENT but when you can not withdraw your winning, it does no good to you.

2014-12-15 2Star I have bought the EA BumbleFX and opened a live forex account in their recommended broker.
It has been a week trading now and but their EA is not generating same results as they show on Forex Peace Army website.
I will wait for another week, and claim the refund. I think, the account they show on FPA is somehow rigged.
canada, Canada,
Feb 23, 2015,

i would update this ingenious piece of software and give it 15 out of 10 now-it has made me well over $50k at the time of writing.however you do have to think a little using this,its not a 'set and forget' type of thing.those of you who rate this with a 1 star,sorry guys maybe you should stick to something easier!

2014-12-05 No Rating ive been running the ea for 2 days now.it has nearly quadrupled the account so far with little risk.so collating this with the fpa test,unless things change drastically i would rate this with 10 stars out of 5!the only possible problem is finding brokers that accept scalping that the ea works on well,but this is just a side point.this product to date has been nothing short of miraculous.