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Updated: Feb 9, 2018
2.111 · 7 REVIEWS
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2.111 · 7 REVIEWS
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France, France,
Feb 7, 2018,


Well quite disappointed...3 trades in 3 weeks..all 3 lost.I ve sent Emails asking for a refund and of course NO ANSWER....you judge...
Nov 19, 2017,
Registered user

cannot copy most trades . performance page might be false because there is no breakdown. uses FX Blue
Sep 17, 2016,
Registered user

Does not make money consistently and does not honor refund guarantee.

Ok, this has morphed into Platinum Forex Trade Copier to which Joseph's pitch is 400 pips per week. Guaranteed. You will make money every week or he will refund you. Well, In 8 weeks I broke even on 6 of them and lost 10% of my account the other 2. When I requested a refund they said they'd refund me on the 15 of August. That was officially over a month ago. On about the 20th I got a message saying I was refunded and I'd have it in my account within 5 days. Nothing. Since then I"ve e-mailed and asked for updates or validation on the refund and similar to others experience here I have not heard a thing. Crickets. I thought based on all my analysis and my initial experiences with the trade copier service that he was a provider with integrity. It turns out that he simply stole my money and did not honor his guarantee. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone as he really isn't a good trader at all even though he can talk like a great one.
Dominic Santos,
, USA,
Apr 9, 2016,

Hello fellow traders: I was reading the reviews about the Best forex trade copier and I wanted to leave my experience.
Before I purchased it I was hesitant due to the negative reviews.

First of all when I bought, I had his customer support install the trade copier for me. It was done in less than 30 minutes. Since then I have not touched or changed any of the settings. So far so good. Ive been using it for about 7 weeks now.

I've noticed Joseph is very patient and does not take a lot of trades. He does have losing trades but not near as many as his winning trades. If you're looking for a service that provides a lot of trades this service is probably not for you.

That being said, my account balance is up over 800 pips. I dont take my own trades and only use his service on this account so I know its accurate.

To the people with the negative reviews, Are you also trading the same account?
Are you using his stop loss settings?
If so, I dont see how you could be down hundreds of dollars in your account. Why not turn it off if its so bad?
The trade copier has a maximum stop loss so you cant take a loss more than 55 pips.

Everything being said, I purchased the trade copier at the one time price of $199. I've earned way more than the cost and I feel it was worth the value to me.
It has paid for itself in the first few weeks of buying it.

Best regards.
David C.,
Texas, USA,
Nov 30, 2015,

Funny because i have the complete opposite experience. First of all, their performance is terrible, their losses are much bigger than the winning. They consistently lost in the month of November 2015. I'm down -200 pips. I'm asking for a refund but they wont even reply to my emails anymore. Their losses are avg. -30pip and the winning are +15. They're win rate is 45%. Terrible! I'm still trying to contact them but no response.
Courtney Fields,
North Carolina, USA,
Oct 20, 2015,

Hey there,

Just wanted to share my experience with best Forex trade copier.com.

I join the service at the beginning of October so about three weeks ago.
My account is currently up 292 pips. Granted I don't have a VPS service and have to turn off my computer during the Asian session due to work so far I'm happy with the results.

This is the first trade call service where I don't have a negative balance in my account!

The concerns I had before joining the service where that
1. Profits would cover the cost of the monthly fee and
2. If the service always uses a stop loss

I need a service that always use a stop loss because it scares me to be down over 100+ pips on my account and not knowing when it will be closed.

This guy uses a 55 pips stoploss so I know I won't have a stop loss greater than that but the one losing trade I did have was -38 pips. All the other trades were good ones.

Good luck to all traders
Plymouth, United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2015,

Dreadful service. This is a complete farce. Has daily that are supposed to be updated everyday and conveniently they don't appear when they take a bad loss. Computer glitch, illness or some other rubbish. The copier is not owned by them it's a freebee that anyone can get from FX Blue. Complete scam and never answers questions. Don't waste your time on this conman.