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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
1.388 · 3 REVIEWS
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1.388 · 3 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Jul 10, 2018,


very bad software it doesn't help in the slightest with your trading. Don't let Elijah from forex fitness fool you. he doesn't make money from trading either. he gets paid to sell pitview. fake traders.
Sue D,
Jul 8, 2018,

unreliable, difficult to manage and does not live up to claims

The indicator/software chews up data, and processor and often cannot access the server at crucial times. Difficult to interpret as it is not always reliably predictive. Support videos are long winded and chew up data. There is no evidence that the developers even know how to use the indicator, as their methods rely on templates using so many other indicators. Difficult to trade metals using this, or to trade more than one pair at a time as multiple charts cannot be opened successfully. Careful signing up for the software, it appears you are signing for a month but the subscription will be deducted automatically if you are not careful to stop payments, yourself. Support is almost non-existent.
Illinois, USA,
Jul 6, 2018,

try the free trial, but after that dont believe anything they say without proof!

I started off here paying for software, and evolved to an affiliate, they fraudulently induced me, and failed to make payments to me as agreed to in writing. They did provide the software as agreed with very little intelligent support. The lied to me several times and sadly didn't even know how to use the software. the software works but the data seems to me to be random, unstable, and constantly crashing and disconnecting me. They never made a payment on time, I always had to ask to be paid. I was charged excessive fees on payments. premium price piss poor performance. turned out to be a waste of time...much money lost and or wasted! Avoid at all costs! try the free trial, but after that dont believe anything they say without proof! And dont let them save your credit card, I don't trust them anymore (they still owe me alot of money)(they cheated me). They almost never did what they said they were going to do when they were going to do it. I am hoping they can get honest and come clean, but thats unlikely!
Richard Kay,
New Jersey, USA,
Aug 27, 2014,

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